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November 7, 2013 - ohiogal911

i dont know what to think

10 years ago target fired me….said I punched in too early too many times.

..yes I said early…worked there for 6 yrs…volunteered many times…had great

attendance….never got a verbal or written warning just a pink slip….got and took

my 6 mos unemployment…speed up to today ….I filled out an application to be

rehired at a different target….had 2nd interview today….never once did he ask about

my previous working at target…and when I told him I wasn’t even sure if I was eligible

for rehire…he was silent and changed the subject…never once asked a thing bout my 6 yrs there..

..but at the end of interview said we will have a decision by weeks end….I don’t know what to think.

…I told the truth on the application of my past working history at target…what do you think of this ??? thanks


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  • ohiogal911 says:

    well I just received an email stating that they are unable to offer me the job....why the hell even call me for 2 interviews if I wasn't eligiable for rehire....but its there loss.....

    • viciousdave says:

      They're bastards just like any other big company. One time I worked for McDonalds, and they won't hire me back at the place I quit once and I gave them a fair two weeks notice. Yet they think I quit early and won't hire me back for the wrong doing, of what? I gave them fair noice. Target is the same for you, they're all like, this bastard quit, nah we can't re hire this bad dude, he did his time but left bad. WTF? Seriously, all these big corporations are pure bullshit and if your not there butt licker, they kick and keep you out for good. Sorry they beat you out.


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