Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 26, 2014 - leatherandlace

I didn’t know operators controlled target…

So, I’m a target employee, have been for 9 months and next week is my final week. Surprisingly I’ll be leaving target relatively unscathed, however, my hatred for one of the operators will follow me until I’m dead. my hatred for her burns like 10,000 suns.

I’m in softlines, and this bitch ass operator we have is the worst person I’ve ever known. she thinks she controls all of the softlines team members and knows EVERYTHING there is to know about target. she has no life at age 60-70 except for target, so I guess she cant help it.
She makes kids cry by yelling at them “LEAVE YOUR TOY AT MY DESK NOW!!!!”, or “WHERES YOUR NUMBER I GAVE YOU!!! GO GET IT!!!!” she will run and pound on the fitting room doors if someone goes in there when she’s not looking and screams how many items are allowed and that the guest needs to come out now. When I’m operator, I’m so laid back that the guests have to comment on the difference. When guests approach my desk to try stuff on and they’re like “here’s my 6 items!! I know the rules!!” and they’re basically scared, I get so angry. what kind of person SCARES people at a job like this?
She goes through the fitting rooms and makes people who wanna try stuff on wait for her to be done. REALLY? “FAST AND FRIENDLY” IS TARGETS MOTTO. YOU ARE R******D.
She refuses to leave the desk to actually DO her job of zoning and go backs near the desk, and she calls all of us lazy and bitches about all of us behind our backs to each other (ALL of the softies are friends. as in, we text/hang out on a regular basis. dumbass.) and then acts nice to our face like she’s nice. ultimately, all I wanna do is hit her in her mushroom hair shaped head and tell her to get the fuck off her high ass horse. When a guest calls the fitting room operator a fucking NAZI, bitch, you have fucking problems.

she likes to bitch about what we choose to wear at work, when she literally wears the same fucking outfit EVERYDAY and her shirt is pink…so…shut the fuck up.

She expects us all to work FOR HER. I cant tell you how many times I’ve told on her to LODs and TLs to fix something about this bitch. now that I’m quitting, I refuse to make it so my friends and beloved co workers don’t have to deal with her anymore. I have so many plots to get this crazy ass fired.




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