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March 20, 2014 - Idonthavetodealwiththis

I am so done with this shit

So I’ve been working at Target for the past 8 months. Through this time I think I’ve been a pretty good employee, and I’m in school so I only take about 20 hours a week. Then one week recently I was given a pretty big task for my section, which was to remove all the out of season shoes, and because they just let the end of life shoes pile up over the previous three months I had to end up clearing over 700 pairs of shoes. While doing this my boss had the gall to claim I wasn’t working hard enough and threatened to cut my hours. I responded by telling him I was actually working really fast and just left it at that. Next week I find I’ve been cut to four hours, as well as the week after that. I was pretty pissed off by this so I talk to him about it and he claims he doesn’t know anything. He literally said to my face two days before “Remember I make your schedule” as part of his threat. The week after I discuss my lack of hours he gives me a whopping 8 hours. I quit that very day. I went to go talk to him about it today and tell him that this lack of communication with me about my schedule was not good policy or appropriate. I mean if I just decided I only wanted to work 4 hours a week I’d have to talk to them but apparentlty the same rules don’t apply and they dont need to tell me shit. He then tells me that “If I don’t want the shifts dont take them” as I was also upset the only shifts I was getting were the absolute latest ones, Im not a fucking millionaire I have this job so I can earn money I cant just give up shifts! Then he and the ETL of HR gang up on me and tell me this isnt the time and place to discuss this. When is the fucking time and place! I WENT WHEN THEY WERE IN THEIR FUCKING OFFICES AND I WAS OFF THE CLOCK TO NOT WASTE AS MUCH COMPANY TIME! WHAT WOULD BE A BETTER FUCKING TIME?! I just cant put up with this shit. I try to civilly discuss my concerns and they treat me like im a deliquent. Fuck this company I hope it burns to the ground. I get a little Happy jolt everytime I hear about them losing money. FUCK TARGET.


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  • tom C says:


  • offensiveusername says:

    You people actually made this website! Wow! Pathetic. I actually work at a good target or maybe you all are a bunch of lazy motherfuckers who cant do shit right. There is always someone like you who says "i am a great worker" but in the end none of you can measure up. If you hate it quit and shut the hell up!

    • TargetSucks says:

      You're a fucking moron. *I* made this website, and I was never an employee of tarshit. But don't worry, no matter how great you think your target is, they will bend you over soon enough. You'll probably like the feeling of their corporate prick riding your loose asshole, but it's only a matter of time before it starts to burn and you come on here to share your horror story. Granted, you'll probably not have the integrity to use the same username. Stupid cunt.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      "I actually work at a good target"

      Well, good for you if you're telling the truth. Read through this site and you'll see that your store is an exception, not the norm. Most stores don't care about their employees at all and treat them like dirt.

      "maybe you all are a bunch of lazy motherfuckers"

      Maybe we are, but I have a feeling that we probably work harder than you do given your attitude. It's usually the people who talk the loudest who do the least. Are you a TL by chance?

      "If you hate it quit and shut the hell up!"

      From what it sounds like, most of the people who are on this site are -former- Target employees or are customers. So for most of them they did quit, then came here to share their experience; nothing wrong with that. Besides, this site isn't plastered all over the internet and in people's faces. For you to have found it you must have done so deliberately, so maybe it is you who should "shut the hell up."

    • pinkzinnia says:

      Measure up to what? Targets high standards of hiring?
      The target I work for isn't hell, but it's still retail with retail mentality.
      If you breathe and can pass a drug test you are pretty much in. If you can ass kiss management, you get to stay past your 90 day "trial" period.

      Offensiveusername - that was pretty harsh of you saying - maybe you are a bunch of mf who can't do shit right... Hmm, what is it that you consider right? Is there only one way to do things? If you think that way, your stay at Target might be limited... Being flexible is very important in retail. Not having a superior attitude is good too.

      I wish you well in your retail career

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    you are completly right LODS. Doing anything other than grin like a fucking idiot and say yes sir/maam will doom you to no hour hell! GET OUT OF RETAIL PEOPLE ESPECIALLY TARGET. Oh and Union Goon that shit won't help yes let's unionize so some goons we HAVE TO PAY MONEY TOO and can be our masters as well! What needs to change is the culture at Target and as long as people try to work there it will go on. Get out of retail it's a terrible industry

  • dinglehopper says:

    It's starting at my store. Several TMs have already put in their two weeks' notices, and we know they won't be replaced until the store absolutely has to get more people to take 4 hour mid-shifts. Some ETLs just want to watch the world burn...

  • keepthevibealive says:

    A good store..... What is a good store... I work for one, leadership are great and they work with team members. They have open door policy and I got dollar pay raise this yr but that's only cuz I was moved to a different dpt. I agree tho hours tend to suck at times. But if you work they try to help out those that wants to work.( speaking for my store only). I had a situation where I should have been fired but I got off with a final warning. We do have our share of douche bags also. Every store has them. Been here for over a year while I go to school. I enjoy working here... I do not have much complain bout the team here........ But the freakin guests can be horrible.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      "keepthevibealive?" Really? You must not be a TM otherwise you would never pick that username or stand up for the company that much. And judging from your comment on another post (, I'm assuming you're a GSTL, which is yet another worthless position.

      Even if your store is actually "good," keep in mind your store is an exception, not the norm.

  • keepthevibealive says:

    Never want to be a gstl fuck that shit lol


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