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June 14, 2014 - elecTM

hypocritical management

Alright so let me preface this with my history. Ive lived half a mile from this target my whole life. i loved the store, when i got a job thee i was actually excited and I wouldnt mind working there if it wasn’t for the hypocritical STL and this one annoying ass hardlines TL. this guy, i went to highschool with him he was a slacker and an asshole, not many people liked him. he was so obviously gay (which isn’t the problem he just needs to stop being an asshole about it). so anyway i hate this guy and nobody on the electronics team does. HE’s the LOD’s little freaking pet and does nothing during his shifts but follow our store manager or the lod around and complain if he actually has to do work. THE AMOUNT OF WORK HE DOES NOT DO IS FREAKING RIDICULOUS.

so thats just the begining of it, i feel like he gets applauded for doing jack shit all day and i am busting my ass at electronics, zoning O, E and elec, all while having to vibe, and somehow do go and push… yeah. doesnt sound right does it? so im trying to get this done so sometimes i dont tell a guest they can try to order these ipads for 199 online, so freaking sue me. but this guy… this guy doesn’t care that a “guest” yells at me calling me an idiot for not holding one for him when my electronics TL told me not to hold them for anyone. SO its closing asshole guest comes in, demands a manager so i radio for one. and who do you think shows up? annoying hardlines TL to the rescue. yes. guest complains, TL apologizes and does EXACTLY WHT I DID TO HELP THE GUEST then after half an hour tells me that he needs to talk to me. so he pulls me away from actual work and gives me a coaching conversation about how im not doing my job correctly and i need to be better at customer service and i need to work faster… i almost snapped his neck. this was the second time hes said im not working fast enough he told me there would be disciplinary action next time. it was 9 and we close at 11. i had finished the O zone, and was halfway through E. i was busting my ass. like, no! you should actually do work instead of trying to bust my balls and not listening to my part ofwhat happened. hes the only TL that sides with the guest. i hate him.

so i cant talk to my TL or the HR because well, they will just say deal with it and work harder… IFHT (I Freaking Hate Target)




  • Junip says:

    This is typical of TL's who are trying to kiss ass and move up the ranks, even though everyone knows it is extremely rare for a TL to one day become a real LOD-not that Senior TL bullshit.

    TL's are really only judged on if the end caps in their department are full and if the clearance is pushed out (or that's how it is at my store).

    Zone? nope, that's a TM's job. Reshop? nope, that's a TM's job. Backup? nope, that's a TM's job. But they sure can take credit for it.

    We just got a new TL who was suppose to zone with me. He did two aisles and then disappeared for until a half-hour before close. He said he was on break and then had to cover GSTL for their breaks. I did all of domestics, automotive, infant hard lines, and was finishing toys when he came up and said, "Ill take it from here, they need help over in HBA." Seconds later I hear over the walkie, "LOD, my department is zoned, starting re-shop." The LOD was like, "great job finishing your zone before close, that's a VIBE card!." I wanted to get on the walkie and say, 'Ah, hell no!." But i don't really care…next time I won't try so hard.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Do your job the best you can, mr kiss ass will crumble on his own...they always do!

    Oh and if you hate him, I am sure that almost everyone else does too. They just aren't talking about it.

  • planoslave says:

    @Julip, we used to have a girl at my store that was promoted to GSA within her 90 days of starting (which is a no-no). Only because she's really pretty and the ETL at the time obviously had a crush on her. She transferred stores about 6 months ago, her timing was lucky and she started as GSTL (no interviews.) I recently found out that she is now an ETL! She doesn't even have her degree! So, yes, team leads can promote to ETL, you just have to be really pretty! This seems to be the case at my store anyway (and the one she transferred to). :/


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