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June 5, 2015 - Drew Freeze

Human Resources altering availability date to force employees against their approved schedule

—note: This is not referring to accidental mytime mistakes from auto generated schedule—-

There are many times that it’s not a mistake when your availability is getting overridden. A flag comes up to let them know you are not available for a certain day/time frame. To get around this, some of the HR “managers” will go in and change the beginning date of your availability. For example, you originally started being off on tuesday’s 4 months ago… and you find out your “unavailable” shift is no longer showing when you check the schedule on the board. Now you are scheduled a shift on tuesday, a day you were approved to have off for your weekly schedule. Go to EHR, mytime area – you will see that the start period of your availability date has now been ALTERED. The HR member has changed your start date, in order to force you onto the schedule. With that being the case, according to corporate management, such a change without your knowledge is unethical and a fire-able offense for the HR member and even the store manager if he/she knowingly let’s this happen.

You do not have to show up for work on a shift against your approved availability that has been in the system for months/even years. I have spoken with corporate on the matter, if they try to document a no call no show on a day that they altered your information to force you against availability… they’re breaking policy.

Do not let them mess up your other job/family commitments/education/whatever reason you have a day/time period off. Target policy is setup to protect workers from such acts, and they don’t want an incident blowing up on social media where a store is contradicting their policy. KNOW your rights!


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  • TargetMinion says:

    This is true. I would have ETLs coming up to me (I was an HR TM) asking me to over ride an employees availability. Even though I know the system would allow me to change this I would tell them I didn't have the credentials and make them go to the ETL HR. No way I was putting blood on my hands with that. A lot of this had to do with how horrible turnover was. They couldn't hire TMs with decent availability so they would hire somebody only available to work 8am - noon weekdays and then try to schedule them nights and weekends.

  • Silverfox says:

    maybe tarshit should treat people better like costco does. They have super low turnover


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