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October 27, 2010 - Target57

How ETL’S and the STL come up with Team Leaders review scores and ask your self if this sounds fair?

So for most of us we think that our hard work and attention to details will pay off for us when our annual review rolls around? With in many companies this is the case, but not for Target.

See when it becomes time to write the Team Leader reviews there scores are already submittedto the HRR so she or he can review them before they are approved. This all takes place before “I” a former ETL for 10+ years, even begins to think about all of the accomplishments or areas of opportunity for a Team Leader.

So how does this begin?

All of the ETL’s sit down together with the STL and talk about each Team Leaders performance over the past year. We always start with the top performers first and then work our way toward the bottom performers. We do it this way so that we can establish a top score and a bottom score. This past year one of my Key carriers was given the top score of 89, so this meant that all of the team leaders would would follow in suit down to the lowest score. We would start out by work center, like Logistics as an example, and discuss my Team leaders and the scores that I have given. At this point after I state my opinions the other ETL’s get the chance to agree or team up on why they did not agree and feel that Team Leaders review score should be lower. Now, most of the time they do not take in account a whole years performance, in fact they focus on what they have done for us lately and in many cases most ETL’s hold grudges toward certain Team Leaders so there scores end up being much lower then they should be.

There was a time when we as ETL’s would write our Team Leaders reviews first. Then when all the reviews had been written, we would calculate the scores based off of the body of work from the entire year based off of detailed completion of the review.  The reviews were then given to the STL for them to look over for fairness and he/she would sign off on them.

Now the reason I am sending this out on this site is because with in the past 3 months I left Target and speaking out about this could have found its way back to me and honestly I have a family, with a mortgage and two car payments. So you could see how I could have wanted to wait, and I was getting paid good money.

So it comes down to this, this past January I was out off my store for a month for family leave when they (ETL’s and STL) decided to sit down to come up with the scores for the Team Leaders annual reviews. This was fine with me except when I came back they didn’t ask for my input as it pertained to my Team Leaders. When I approached the STL and mentioned to her that I would like to share with her my scores for there reviews she had stated that it was to late and that there scores were locked.

I was very disappointed in her because there was no one in that building who could have spoken to there accomplishments like I could have.

The funny thing is, in the end I still had to write there reviews all with out ever knowing what there review scores were.

Does this sound fair?

Is this a company that you would like to work for?

Fair and equal pay for all?

For you entry level team members I hate to say it but this is how your scores were done too! Even if the highest amount received is .60, your scores are determined by less then 30 seconds of thought. Plus there can only be so many outstanding and excellent scores given out so once the scores are turned in the HR there is a chance that your outstanding given to you by your Team Leader, get vetoed and turned into a excellent, which means you went from .60 down to .50.

But…. what you don’t know,  can’t hurt you!

My next installment will focus on 90 day review practices and some of the reasons why and how we inform team members there services are no longer needed.


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