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August 16, 2013 - Thatwierdguy

Hello Everyone! New guy here – to this forum and a Target employee as well.

Hello forum users!! I recently stumbled upon this forum about 3 or 4 days ago. I googled “Working at Target” because I was really nervous for my 1st day at cash register which was yesterday and to be honest it wasn’t so bad. I first shadowed an employee who’s been there for 3 years and than shadowed someone who has been there for about 4-weeks now. They were both really friendly and patient with me and thank god because I thought I was going to get some jerk who would be constantly breathing down the back of my neck or showing me “his/her proper” way of doing things.

So basically my shift last night was 5-10pm along with two other new people, from 5 to 7 we were on a training register than from about 7:15 to 8:00 we had to take this alcohol test and hazard material test. So from about 8:15 onward, I was put on the register with an employee behind me just in case I mess up. The night went pretty smooth with customers, it was funny though because all of my customers would ask “Your new here huh? I can tell.” I had a few that would say stuff as “Yea I know, I got a lot of shit to buy. So I hope I don’t give you a hard time, fuck I’m tired I just want to go home now.” and than he would giggle. I did NOT offer the redcard because I wanted to get the hang of the buttons and the employee with me was all like “That’s ok, it’s good to try and get that first and the redcard stuff will come later to you. No worries!” I felt like giving her a hug but I didn’t, lol but it might of looked like sexual harassment.

But after all that, I got to talk to some employees and some were cool and others had this face like “Don’t talk to me because I don’t like you!” And to be honest, it was the girls who had that type of expression on their face. And don’t get me wrong, some of the girls who work there are pretty and have nice bodies so why ruin it by having that kind of look on your face? I just don’t get the point of that. The whole time I was thinking “What the hell did I do to you?!”, oh man I hope they don’t stay like that forever. I was reading other forums, comments and all that other stuff and A LOT of comments were “DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE STL’S, ETL’S, OR TL’S!!!” We’ll this team member who was on break with me asked me “So what to you think so far? C’mon man, you can tell me the truth. I’m not a snitch or anything.” And that’s when I remembered the trust comment lol, so I told him “It’s good so far, learning something new is nice.” And that was about it for my day. I go back in on Friday and my position is Sales Floor Team so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me …. uhm …. about anything really. Just wanted to share my experience with you guys and plan to keep you guys updated on how it goes and all that junk. Thanx!


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  • Chris. 349 says:

    Welcome to the site! It's nice just to come on here and read about stuff other people are going through. I totally agree with you about the girls. When I first started working at Target I said "hi" to a blonde girl, she just ignored me. I just eventually stopped reaching out to people because of their bad attitudes.


    A tip of advice if you get finished early don't let the etls know. Otherwise they'll stick you with some one who doesn't do their job to help them through it.

    Also don't give them an extra inch because if you do they'll expect a mile out of you everytime.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it.

  • ERROR_AM_I says:

    want some advice take it from me GET OUT NOW! don't work here get a job anywhere even pumping gas anything is better than this gateway to hell we call target. I'd rather work as a turkey masturbater (real job look it up). Just GET OUT QUICK AS YOU CAN!


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