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May 26, 2015 - BlinkDemon5

Hating Management

So I started working here a little over a month ago. When I first started with training, I had known something seemed rather odd as I had been scheduled for night shift and on the weekend, though I figured it was just random scheduling and wouldn’t be too often. I was dearly wrong. I must start off first by saying I do really enjoy the people whom I work with and with most of my leaders and management. The only and main thing I have a problem with is that I feel there is the Guest Service’s Team Leader is trying to get me for some reason.

So here’s how it went down. When I first started, I hit meal compliance one time, and never hit it again. There was also a time in which I made a common and honest mistake thinking I got off an hour earlier than what I really did, so I fixed it by dedicating an additional hour and a half of my own time that same night. The woman, who shall not be named, was present during both incidents and I believe it was from the second incident that she started to try and screw me over.

Ever since that incident, she has always been near or around me and watching me like a hawk with every movement I make, questioning every action and decision I make too. I work hardlines, specifically B section which is paper, stationery, kitchen, and small appliances. They say this is the easiest section in the store, and it really is. What is not easy is the fact that it is directly on main roads and the first thing people see when entering the store, so stationery and party supplies is always a chaotic mess. So with this being said, whenever I zone my section, it generally takes, on a slow day, about two hours with my first 15 minute break included and what little push there is.

Now to talk of this past weekend and where this person is involved. I have been working the past 7/8 (seven out of eight) days. Of those days, it generally is two closings, one mid day, repeat. So I had worked with her once this week before the weekend hit, and she had nothing to say but had been watching me. Friday comes along and I am closing, again. She is watching me work and just comments on me doing good, which I am and cannot complain. Saturday rolls around, comes, and goes. As we start closing I grow kind of tired due to not having taken my medication (ADHD, but they don’t know this) and am feeling generally tired since it is another Saturday at midnight at the store. She comes up to me, asks me if I had zoned chemicals and I told her yes, though it has been a few hours since I finished that section. We walk over and it is a little messed up and some random stuff there from guests shopping there. She then turned to me and complains of how I am not zoning, am acting lazy, and need to do my job. I bite my tongue, tell her yes and agree, then proceed to do touch ups, but don’t finish the first item before she tells me to rezone the entire section, my current section, do reshops, and have it all done within 40 minutes. She walks away, I turn on some death metal hardstyle I hate fucking life and wanna Allahu Akbar this mother fucker type music and go back to section.

This is where it gets fun. Yesterday had been a good day, though I had been sluggish due to eating before work, something I never do nor have done before. So as my lunch rolls around, I take it, buy a Hersheys and Mountain Dew, go outside, chain smoke a few squares, and go back inside to talk to my friend at Guest Services. Originally no one had ever told me I cannot help in another section I am not trained in, talk to someone on clock if I am on lunch, nor be in that area, as we are only allowed to be outside, in break room, or shopping, as everything else is against policy. I apologize sincerely and go back outside for more music and squares. After I come back inside, I work for another hour and half, and my GS friend announces his final 15. I talk to my TL (Super cool guy) and he let’s me take final 15 too. Mind you I asked him after finishing an aisle and it has been 2 minutes since I my friend announced to LOD on radio his 15. After I got to the door, I turned back, and spent an additional 2-3 minutes walking back to my TL and asked if I had to announce on radio to LOD or if I am good with him, since he is kind of like the unofficial LOD. He said I am fine and I run as fast as possible to my locker for smokes, drink, and run to catch up to friend who’s about to walk out the front door. Ms. GSTL sees only me walking out with friend with a glance, not the 5 minutes spent finding all info out and all. We both chain smoke and motor heave the square we each have (just one this time) and walk back in, watch a minute of hockey, he walks back to station, I wait 5 minutes, and go back to work. Now imagine who’s outside the door reshopping stuff from Guest Services in the pharmacy aisle and see’s me coming back to work? Oh you know you cheeky dog you. So she comes to me and starts questioning me as to if I decided to take a nice half hour break instead. I tell her situation, she deems immediate bullshit, walks to office, and I assume writes me up. (Idk what she did but she was silent on walkie and disappeared into office area) So later she comes to me, talks shit on me of how I can’t zone and don’t know how apparently, though guests are still in this fucking store and all, and proceeds to make comments (unneeded though I start to wonder why she’s so mad for no reason and contemplate on the situation a bit more), then after all is said and done, says goodbye to each of us as we leave, and is silent for me as I leave.

Now we get to today. I walked into work on time, as always (though I sometimes come a half hour to an hour earlier because I over estimate travel time and it’s faster than what I thought) and am called into HR office once I grab all equipment and sign everything out. As I walk in, its my TL and random HR person I pass by a lot. So we sit down and all and the conversation starts of how I have done nothing this past weekend and if I don’t improve, I’ll be let go. I kinda let my mind slip and the adhd take over to get past the bullshit, with the occasional “understood” and “ok”. They said though that if this week, I don’t do better, I’ll get “let go” and I replied with “That’d be a shame, but I understand.” I get out, and avoid GSTL Lady all day. Hadn’t seen her really and avoided her all day. Gonna make a formal complaint of harassment against her tomorrow. I’ll keep you all updated.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    This is officially post 1000! (not including the ones I've deleted).

    Anyway, speak up for yourself. Fuck them, tell them your side of the story. Or just find a better job. Target is the bottom of the barrel, you're worth more.

  • BlinkDemon5 says:

    WOOOOOT!!! #1000!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, I talked to my Team Lead and other LODs with more seniority and higher rank and she no longer works the same days as I do and doesn't seem to even be in the same half of the store as I am. It seemed to have gone pretty well.


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