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August 12, 2012 - TargetSucks


When I start working for target I liked it for the first 2 years. When I started off I worked on the sales floor then I worked my way up to the pharmacy dept. I was so happy because I was going to be making more money. I was at the target in Niles, the pharmacist there seemed nice, but over time she became a smartass and a pain in my side. I was a hard worker and never missed a day of work and tired my best to be nice to jackass customers. Mind you I stayed all the way in forest park and had to travel 2 hours every day to get to that hell hole.

My review came early this year and she dogged me, She stated I wasn’t good enough, I need to do more to help out around the pharmacy, I wasn’t being friendly to customers. Bullshit if so why am I still working? So I decided to transfer to Melrose Park target, I thought it would be a little better. But no, the etl pharmacist led me to believe i would get more hours. When my transfer was complete he gave me 12 hours. I told him what I’m supposed to do with 12 hours, I have to pay rent and take care of daughter and I don’t get child support. He says you have to open your availability to nights and weekends. So I did even though this was so inconvenient for me because I’m a single mom my daughters dad isn’t around so I have to put this responsibility on my mom. I could understand if I didn’t tell him what my availability was before you took me on but I told him and he promised me more hours. He talks down to the techs like we are stupid. We don’t get our 15 min. breaks even if we are slow.

The environment is negative, the techs are always gossiping. I just don’t like it no more. Very rarely I have bad experiences with guest. So this Saturday it was my work day, I was already in a bad mood my cousin had passed and I had a bunch of stuff going on. But I still tried to be nice. This guest started yelling at me telling me you can’t tell me when I can get my medicine telling she’s been going there forever. And I raised my voice and said I did not say you could not get your medicine, I said its a control and you cant get it too early. I don’t like when people yell at me. This place has made me emotional unstable. I go from 1 to 10. When the lady left the tech I was working with kept telling me oooo you yelled at whatever her names was, you know she is going to tell. At this point I told her I don’t care he can let me go I can’t take this anymore.  When I went to ring someone else up, I could have sworn the other tech said something about me and I told her if you have something to say about me say it to me, then she tells me I wasn’t talking about you lets be professional. Wow this is the girl that calls off 2 weeks at a time brings her problems to work almost every day and gets mad all the time really you need to look in the mirror. I was woman enough to apologize to her.  I cried that day. This hatred for target drove me to go back to school in 2011 so I can do more with myself and feel like im actually wroth something. I’m still looking for another job because I can’t take this no more.





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