Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 27, 2014 - Evan92

Greetings from Canada

Hello everyone I thought I would stop by and share my experience as a “team” member working at target in Calgary, Alberta. I worked for target from March to June of 2013 and was glad to get out of there. For anyone how has kept up on business news knows target has been an utter failure within in Canada. Constant empty shelves, pissed off customers, overpriced wares and a lack of understanding of the Canadian market.

My role at target was unloading trucks and stocking shelves during the night at our store. I also helped set of the racks and shelves before the store even opened to the public. I made a whopping 13.50 an hour for overnight work, where to even begin? The whole chanting and team mindset seemed akin to a cult or pyramid scheme, I simply wished to do my work and leave not to be caught up in a cult. Secondly the management was micromanaging and shrewd. No professionalism whatsoever in any of the dealings I had with them and the store “team lead” was a complete jackass.

Over my course of employment albeit rather short, many of my coworkers walked out mid shift do to pay problems. Some employee’s pay cheques were as much as 2 weeks late, this is unacceptable for a large corporation. We were constantly yelled and accosted for unloading too “slow”, and threatened directly with loss of employment. Organization seems to be top heavy with very few supervisors actually knowing what is going on. All these factors combined, coupled with piss poor scheduling made me walk out of that hell hole.

Fuck Target.




  • disgusted says:

    Dude, I can relate to the abominably bad way they treated us in Canada. $13.50 an hour tho? man thats one hell of a great salary coming from these apes at tarshit, in the Vancouver area, logistics people started at 11.35 an hour for the work you describe, and a whole whopping wait for it....MAYBE 0.20 cent raise, biggest assholes on this planet=tarshit managers

  • disgusted says:

    The selfish greedy PRI&*S even took away our dollar an hour premium too, share holders mustn;t lose a penny u know

    • Silverfox says:

      hey don't forget, they have to pay that much. Or no one will work for them. it's a worker's market out in alberta. The last alberta lady who posted her reported a $11.90 hourly wage. Guess that wasn't enough for the albertans, so target had to up it even more, so you see here this $13.50. Even at $13.50 they can't keep workers it seems

  • Silverfox says:

    "threatened directly with loss of employment. " hmmm I just realized, while target was up there, the job market was booming, they tried the old tactic they always used forgetting it's a workers market there, where the workers control the defacto min wage which is approx 14 to 13 dollars an hour. Who the hell would want to work for target at min wage when you can get a nice paid oil rig job that pays much better?


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