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January 8, 2019 - aristotle

got fired for something that wasn’t my fault???

I have worked at target for quite some time now. I spent the better half of my high school career working at this hell site. I went to work with fevers, with terrible ovary pains, on 2 hours of sleep. I barely ever missed a shift, mostly because when younger workers missed a shift they would absolutely destroy them. They would call you into the back room and just annihilate your self esteem. They would blame stuff that happened that day on you not showing up, and it got so bad that kids were afraid to call in, and came to work with the flu.

My first manger was a pain in the ass and the main bully. She would flirt with all the younger boys and treat the teenage girls like crap. I told her that I had to call in because my grandfather was really ill and she sat and listening to me cry over the phone just so she could yell at me. Everyone hated her and I made a lot of friends because we all hated her. Anyways, she got fired and I thought that was the end of everything.

Well, they also ended up firing the HR rep person and hired the cruelest, rudest person I have ever had the displeasure to meet. I’m currently a college student, so I had to ask for leave. I come back and notice that I haven’t been scheduled at all. I tell the desk worker this and she says she’ll put me in the schedule. I come in the next week and I only have one shift. Which was today. I go in for my shift, work my measly 3 hours, then get called to the back. Apparently I had missed 3 consecutive days of work. Now, usually when you miss work, it is the responsibility of the employer to call you. And before, that’s how that worked.

But the new HR person made it a rule to not call employees who don’t show up for shifts. So, I get called to the back and immediately terminated. I was in utter shock because, like I said, I had come in on various different occasions to check if I had been scheduled. No one from target notified me. They let me work my crappy 3 hour shift today even though I was hungover. Then they called me to the back and fired me even though I WAS NEVER SCHEDULED IN THE FIRST PLACE!! I was sobbing and the HR rep gave me the most detached, unsympathetic look I have ever seen a human being pull off.

I was trying to explain that it was some mistake, that they could ask the desk worker because I HADN’T been scheduled but the prick wasn’t having any of it. As I was leaving, I checked the schedule for the upcoming week. I was still being scheduled for work up to three weeks after. Which was strange because I supposedly missed my shifts back during Christmas time, before the three week schedule was put up. Target is unorganized, selfish, and eager to pin their mistakes on innocent employees.

Honestly good riddance. Target is hell. They treat their younger workers like crap. I just regret not quitting before they fired me.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Well that Tarshit for you. They lie, cheat and steal. They don’t give shit about if have bills to pay. They change your schedule without telling you and don’t call if they change it. They just wanted probably wanted to fire you and this was their way of doing. So sad that they treat there employees like that.

  • ghost22 says:

    The policy was changed sometime in 2018 that they can get away with not calling if you forget about your shift. Funny how that works when they can call you to come in for extra hours and not for your normal hours. Companies that I worked for in the past would call me in the rarest of instances that I forgot about a shift. At Target this did happen once to me for a cart shift and it was on a day I normally had off. The fun part I end up working in a blizzard and got no 15-minute break and then had to go into the office and then they finally told me I had missed a shift and that I was getting a CCA for it. I was calm, cool, and collected, but was mad on the inside. Carts I tolerated and did not even like due to how the ETL's would schedule me for carts more than cashiering. Other retailers I worked for at least would let me have a requisitioned drink whether it be a gatorade or coffee or bottled water when it was hot or the weather was bad. Target had water in the summers and it only offered me a hot beverage once honestly and once dishonestly. The dishonest part was due to the GSTL openly asking me for a hot beverage it was negative 15 with a windchill of negative 25, I said sure and even followed up with the GSA, and got nothing. The second time that it was offered was by the other GSTL and he finally got me one after I bugged the ETL about it, when it was negative 30 out. So other retailers gave me Gatorade, hot coffee at least 8 times compared to Target's 2. Target is a hollow shell of its former self sadly.


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