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May 12, 2014 - needanewfreakingjob

Got a new job, and couldn’t be happier

I finally quit Target.  And I feel great!  I have never worked in such a negative, discouraging environment in my life, but now I’m outta there!

I feel silly, though, that it took me a year to realize that, contrary to what they like to tell you, Target does NOT promote from within…unless you kiss some major TL/ETL butt.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    Tarshit used to promote from within if you had at least one to two years of experience in any given department, but after Steinhaffel came along he made it so that any position above TL required a four-year degree, regardless of prior experience or what the degree was for.

    But congrats on escaping this miserable company!

  • allergy says:

    don't you love the negative reinforcement they give to make us work harder?

    And, no, they don't promote from within. I've seen them hire new gsa/gstl who don't know anything. They would rather hire a person who doesn't know anything over someone who deserves the position... Or someone who actually knows store policies and how to use the register.

  • 5150-Target says:

    I've seen Target promote from within ONCE!!!! Cashier to GSA but she didn't know shit about store policies or guest service. Great Job on that one Target. I've been told after training for sales floor the team leads didn't think I would fit in. So I trained for nothing and while training I didn't even interact with the team leads but they made the assumption I would not fit in. Ha


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