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January 25, 2011 - kctx

Getting fired from Target.

After working for Target for over 6 months I got fired today for giving another team member a free cup to get a fountain drink while I was working at food avenue. I got fired over $1.35 drink.




  • megafork says:

    No, you got fired for aiding in theft of Target merchandise. Whether it's one dollar or one hundred dollars, it's still stealing.

    • targetbendsmeover says:

      you might be a lazy LOD asshole. So who cares what you think about stealing. All you care about is making your money getting your hours and tell people not to join unions, because "we can't take advantage of you and treat you fairly".

  • Magenta78 says:

    Don't the guest steal from the store everday when they bring back items without having reciepts and state they just bought it yesterday but you can tell the item has been used, worn and abused and yet a manager overrides your authority and returns the 100.00 item anyway.

    • targetbendsmeover says:

      It ok when and asshole customer (it customer not guest, you don't see the word asshole when you look it up in the dictionary, but you do for customer) steals from target because there the one with the money. Not the worker, because they cost target money. So yeah if fine if a customer steals but if a worker steals GTFO.

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    I've heard of people doing the same thing while putting their own money in the drawer and still getting fired for it. Kind of crappy


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