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June 22, 2013 - FuckT


I didn’t think that Target’s culture could get more stupid than calling customers “guests”…enter the vibe. I have termed this vibullshit. I am all for being respectful to our customers and helping them find items in the store but “creating moments” is just a stupid ass idea. I cannot believe that people got paid to come up with this bullshit.


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  • yeahright says:

    Seriously, the Vibe is just something the greedy bastards at the corporate office came up with to justify their existence. I don't know if this is the same at every store, but at my store we're required to write two a week, even if they're to ourselves. I tried to tell my TL that I thank people all the time, just not with stupid little cards and she said "well you have to do it or else it'll come up on your evaluation." I haven't been doing two a week, but the ones I have been writing have been in crayon using my non-dominant hand.

    • KEENtan says:

      We are required to do two every huddle!

      They ask me if I had any vibe moments and I always say no and turn in my cards blank.

      The vibe is not validated unless the guests acknowledge it! How do we know they are having "moments" in our store unless they tell us. Vibe cards should be filled out by guests about their experience, not us making shit up about how we think they are feeling.

      It's just shopping at a retail store, how special do yo need to feel?

      Some vibe cards are really stupid like, "I helped a guest find the dog food"...

      That's your fucking job! That's not creating a vibe.

      Do you know the vibe I feel? I feel the vibe of dumb ass guests who just throw shit where ever they damn well please. Guests who can't use their eyes to find simple shit or make me double bag everything because you are afraid a couple cans and a sack of bananas will break the bag.

      I get the vibe that I'm just a worthless employee who is replaceable at the drop of a hat and should not have any kind of thought other then the Target brand.

  • FuckT says:

    oh yes..I definitely get that vibe too lol


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