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January 5, 2015 - notacorporatekissass

Fuck Target and everything it stands for.

First, I LOVE this site. Realizing other “ex” employees were just as frustrated as me, got me through many shifts at this joke of a business. I was hired as a seasonal employee, thought it would be a “fun and friendly” place to work. At least, that’s what one of the 20,000 (total exaggeration, but there are a shit ton of these red and khaki, kiss asses) LOD’ s led me to believe. What a crock of shit that was. Where to start, first, I was NEVER trained for half the shit I did there. I learned by either, figuring it out or being bitched at for not doing something or doing something else wrong. Ummm… How about training us then? I was supposed to be hired as a seasonal cashier, at least, that’s what my file said… HA!!! They had me in soflines, let me just express now, how much I LOATHE soflines. I was yelled at, made fun of, bitched at and barked at by everyone in soflines, because I didn’t “zone” as fast as they did. Well, duh, shit face, I haven’t worked at the store for 15 years like you. So, it takes me a little longer to do the “zone”. It might however, go faster if you didn’t shove 2 or three areas on me at one time, or if everyone who worked in soflines participated, instead of bullshitting about everything but work, at the fitting room counter.  I would have to zone, men’s, performance and lingerie… Or infants, girls and boys. All the while, taking the bullshit, “backup cashiers to the front lanes”  call, every 5 seconds,  and lets not forget helping the “guests” and don’t get me started on those rude assholes. “Find me this, get me that.” I hated most of the CUSTOMERS!!  They weren’t guests. I thought my days would be spent just doing go-backs and zoning! WRONG!!! I have never worked anywhere that was as “slave-driven” as Target; Zoning, carry-outs, registers, CAF’s, taking the stupid phone calls for departments I didn’t even work in, because the person or people who actually are in the department are too lazy to do the job themselves. I ran from one end of the store, to the other, most days. And why, isn’t anyone scheduled for jewelry!? Having to listen to the stupid automated call over walkie,  every 10 minutes was annoying. It would be easier to just schedule someone to work in the department. Target doesn’t think so, I guess. They can’t even schedule enough cashiers. The LOD’s do nothing but walk around, dictating to us seasonal workers and barking at us like we are dogs, or calling for “huddles” over the walkie so they can bitch about how customer satisfaction isn’t high enough or how much money in sales is forecaster for certain days…. Blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, the customers are out on the floor bitching that no one is helping them. Help yourself for once and stop bothering me. I hated the store I worked at with a passion. I finally quit the day before Christmas Eve, because of how poorly I was treated. I would be forced to stay one or two hours past my scheduled time to clock-out, never got a second break because I needed to have my zones finished, (well stop calling for cashiers and then specifically calling my name, when I don’t respond because Im trying to finish my zone because the other LOD nagged me to finish it on time.) never took lunch on time, because their “guests” wanted everything under the sun, etc. The straw that broke that camels back was the night before Christmas Eve. I was scheduled to work only until 8:30 that night. I showed up, got my scheduled zone and never even looked at it,why? Too many cashiers called out, so I was upfront every 5 seconds until the GSTL decided to keep me on a register for the remainder of my shift….. Yeah, I got bitched at by one of the many LOD’s working that day, because I needed to be removed and working on CAF’s. Well, shortly after those were done, there was a team huddle, I walked to the backroom and saw the soflines manager and another co-worker talking and the manager turns to me and says, “there she is now” I looked at her and she just said, we would talk about it later. Well she did alright, in front of EVERYONE at the huddle. My Co-worker bitched to her about me not finishing my zones on time and leaving them for everyone else. (The store didn’t have anyone scheduled in the areas I worked for closing. And I can’t do zones, cashier and help guests and be expected to finish everything I was supposed to be doing)  so the manager scolded me in front of everyone and wanted me to get men’s and performance completely zoned in the one hour left of my shift. And on top of that, I needed to walkie for her to come check my work before I leave. I was so pissed I cried the remainder of my shift.  The sad thing is, I tried talking to that manager after the huddle and she completely, disregarded me and even got snotty. So I went out to my zone. Then, the snitch Co-worker had the nerve to approach me after huddle to find out what happened. I was a complete bitch to her and thought she deserved my attitude. Well, my shift ended an hour later, and you can pretty much guess, I didn’t get the zones completed and when my manager came to look, she was pissed and tapped her nails on the shelf. I left that night in tears and my husband helped me make the decision to quit that shit hole. It was the best decision I ever made. I busted my ass every single day, worked between 42-49 hours a week and now the bastards are trying to rip me off on my pay. I received my last check in the mail the other day,  the only problem is its for the last three days I worked. There is another 2 weeks unaccounted for. Target is trying to screw me out of almost $800. They claim I was written a check for that pay period and yet I never received it. They are accusing me of lying and are now going to do an investigation of where that money went.  I brought in my hours and showed them my last check and the pay stub from the first one , and yet, they still don’t believe me. They claim I am owed nothing more. So I have to wait for an investigation to take place before I see the money i am missing. I HATE Target and apologize for such a long post.




  • ErikaA says:

    Omg that's horrible. I feel you, I was a seasonal worker too and never got my break or lunch on time either. The LODs screw everyone over and never do shit. Just boss everyone around. Hated this job

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Wow that's not illegal as hell! I have been there since early May and I'm telling you it's awful. My store used to be a great place to work. Not anymore after the new store manager came in. The old STL was seriously the nicest guy ever. Lucky for him he got out of there.

    Anywho, now people are getting written up for lack of red cards. If someone doesn't want a pathetic card, God damnit they don't want one. I hear a lot of ETLs pressuring people to get reshop done in a timely fashion. Wth do they do all day long other than boss around everyone? Next to nothing!

    I hope that if they keep this up, you sue the pants off these bitches! Fuck Target!


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