Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 18, 2016 - ThisGuy95


I feel so excited to get away from that hell, couldn’t even manage an entire year after being hired back in November of 2015.

My first job in retail ever, was hired as seasonal and was never more thrilled to be with a corporation I thought was legitimate and professional. They laid off about half of the TM after December and kept me as part-time for being possibly one of the ONLY hard workers on the floor, trained at cashier, hardlines, backroom and logistics.

Fast forward to July, my smile turned upside down and I couldn’t possibly stay for another whole month, the entire Target Redcard bullshit got on my last nerve, even if I wasn’t pressured as much as cashiers were on the daily. I only got about 7 my entire time there but they expect you to get one every day. Not to mention a mile of customers in your lane while the self checkout stays there dusty and untouched.


Just worked my last 5 hour shift, (worked a bit over time as the usual) and couldn’t be more ecstatic to leave, although I wish I could take my unhappy team members with me.

Lazy fucking LODs, peer pressuring GSTLs, small ass scheduling, expectations are at the HIGHEST for such an unprofessional corporation. And my HR had the audacity to hope I return even when though I said I was taking a LOA for ‘education’.

Find another slave, this one has tossed it’s shackles. 🙂



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