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November 24, 2011 - bobatea978

Forced to work on Black Friday

THANK YOU for making this site!! I’m glad that I have a secret place to vent my anger at the evil red and white bullseye called Target.

I can’t believe this crap. When I saw my schedule this week it said that I had both Thanksgiving and Friday (Black Friday) off. This made me very happy because I loathe working on Black Friday not because of the deals on electronics (I don’t get paid enough in this crappy company) but because I want to avoid all of the craziness of the crowds and traffic. I’d rather be relaxing at ┬áhome after a good Thanksgiving dinner. But all of a sudden on Wednesday when my shift is over I’m told to come in Thanksgiving night to help out with Black Friday no ifs, ands, or buts. This not only ruins my Thanksgiving because all I think about all day is that I have to go back to my shitty job to deal with guests but also I was just watching the PBS News hour about Black Friday sales where some ASM at a different Target was talking about how employees have a “choice” of if they want to work black Friday or not. I was practically yelling at my tv “THATS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!”

I’m so pissed off now. I’ve been job searching for weeks now not only because of these holidays that I’m forced to work, or dealing with idiot Guests and rude co-workers but because all in all working for Target really sucks. Can’t wait to leave!



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  • Notstaying says:

    I am not aware of anyone having a choice at my store either. I was told when interviewing that working black friday was mandatory for all employees.

    • hmmm. says:

      I wasn't given a choice either, my traget has this nasty little habits of going around what employees say is there job availability, I told my interview I was only able to work 20 -30 at the maxs hours a week because I had another job I was trying to keep up with, On a side note my other job is less than a part time job but I already put in 1 years of schooling just to get my foot in the door for my first job and I informed traget that I was trying to find a more full time position at a company. Target took that as I was able to work 40 hours a week because they did give me less than a 9 hour day for the first 2 weeks

  • PlanoDog says:

    we were not given a choice either. was told by a senoir TL that our hrs were opened and they can schedule us to their likings.

  • bobatea978 says:

    I found the PBS story I saw on Thanksgiving here:

    The whole story is good to listen to but pay attention to around the 2:00 minute mark.

    "TOM BEARDEN : Some employees agree and began petition drives to make their complaints known. On Monday, a Target employee delivered petitions with nearly 200,000 signatures to Target headquarters in Minneapolis.

    But Target manager Everett says working on Thanksgiving Day is voluntary and that employees get paid extra for doing so.

    MARK EVERETT: Our store leaders have been working very close with our team members, to make sure that we accommodate their schedules. We have several team members who we did allow them to work when it made sense for them and for their family, the support has been overwhelming."

  • hmmm. says:

    wow just listen to him talk made me up set


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