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December 4, 2013 - lansmommy

Fired over a 5 dollar gift card.

I’ve only been working at target for a month and I was surprised they hired me because I’m pregnant they even gave me a stool to sit on if needed it they also offered me a fan I thought wow they are very accommodating. Well after about two weeks my tl came to me and said I couldn’t use the stool anymore and that the hr guy wanted o talk to me. Well my tl was very rude about how she approached me in front of my coworkers and guests I was so ashamed! When I got to the guys office and told him how rude she was he had the nerve to have an attitude with me when they say you can come to them for anything they lied every week since then its been some bs well today they called me in and said they have me on video not giving a customer a $5 gift card the customer told me I could keep it and. Told her I’d probably get in trouble for it she said she didn’t see a problem they also told me that they tracked down all my purchases using my discount card and that I wasn’t allowed to buy anything and leave it in the store which I didn’t know they don’t inform you on much they just throw you out there and you kind of learn as you go I didn’t bother explaining myself I just said ok I understand and I left . This is target in lake Charles Louisiana . I felt like they had been looking for any reason to fire me ever since I complained on my manager . A lot of sneaky things go down at target I just hope they’re watching everybody as close as they where watching me what a bunch of bullshit !


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  • viciousdave says:

    They turn on everybody like that. I don't know what it is, I do my job as well, do everything I am told. For some reason, that's not good enough and they tell me you gotta do better. Hmm? I can't guarantee that guests are gonna say yes to the red card, we can't force them. So doing the job isn't good enough? Hello, idiots, this is a billion dollar company, we really don't need guests on those red cards. Plus that, they complain to me I'm lazy. If anything, I've always done more than anyone and I've just always been a forward leading person when it comes to achieving my job. If anything, they are lazy and don't come when needed on the lines for guest help about a product or a promotion of deal. They are 10 times the laziness of the real workers of Target.


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