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October 19, 2010 - Raven

Fired for working too hard???

I was hired at a RDC as a packer just under 90 days ago. Target works their employees to the bone with crazy high production quotas that just continue to escalate. I had been struggling to get to 100 percent weekly average.  I was told during the interview that it’s a 90 day training period. After starting I was told we have to be at 100 percent by the fourth week (hmm they lied). I work my ass off to try and get the numbers and might hit 98 or 99 percent but that wasn’t good enough. Last week I worked a packing station solo that had a “prod” quota of 3400 items in a 10 hour shift. You really don’t get 10 hours to meet goal, more like 8.5 to 9 as they count the breaks they have to give you and their mandatory start-ups as production time. Not only did I make the 3400 I packed an additional 1000 items, giving me 130% for the night. Did my GL (group leader) tell me good job? Hell no but within 2 days he pulled me aside and told me I need to get 100 percent every day the next week to prove to him that I can do this job. So I work my ass off to get it and two days into the week I am pulled aside and told that I was working really hard out there and they are concerned about long term sustainability (corporate mumbo jumbo speech). I told him I’ve been working that hard the whole time and have been handling it. Then I was told it would be a decision that he and HR would make. So I show up to work today and am told to wait for my GL and I knew I was hitting the pavement. The reason given was they didn’t feel I could sustain working that hard long term. What the hell kind of BS is that? I will never buy anything at Target and I will let everyone I know to stop shopping there. The demands on the packers and warehouse workers is insane and you have to just throw products in the box as fast as you can with no regard for breakage. The production quotas for packing is anywhere from 1800 to 5500 a night depending on the zone. When you have difficult freight and don’t make the quota they tell you “the freight doesn’t matter you should be able to meet the goal” yeah I’d like to see them do it. I don’t want to work for a company were I give it my all and it isn’t good enough- SCREW YOU you’re not good enough for me!


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  • IcantstandworkingatTarget says:

    You know what after reading your post I am confident in my decision to quit!!! I am a cashier and have only been there 3 weeks. I can bet you we're truly shocked. I have been harrassed, bullied and pulled into the office, for my poor red card numbers only three since I started. The Lod's, Emt,s stand in front of my register or check customers out on the register behind me to listen to see if I am speaking about red cards. I have called in 4 times since I started and was hoping they would just fire me. I am scheduled tomorrow but I am calling them tomorrow to tell them that I quit. My husband said it was as stressing me out too much. Like you I will never purchase anything from Target ever again, because I don't like the way they treat their employee's.

  • deathmetal says:

    That's exploitation at it's finest, I'm doing the same and try not to shop at target since they fire me for an accidental NCNS.


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