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November 30, 2014 - Nami

Fired for stupid reason

So I was recently employed by Target for about 3 weeks. When they called me I was ecstatic that after all the places I applied to, I got a call back from the place I really wanted to work at. It was pretty good at first until I was recently fired before Black Friday. I filled out the application for part time employment. After getting my schedule I saw that they scheduled me for 7-8 hours a day. I told them I could not do it due to me being in college. They kept scheduling me on days where I said I could not work.  Second problem, I walked into work one day and the LOD said she needed to talk to me. In my mind I’m like ok what did I do wrong. She tells me that I was scheduled to work Thanksgiving and that I did not show up, so she said they had to let me go. Even after I told her I checked my schedule five times and it said I had that day off. I stepped outside and called some people and told them the situation and they said go back there and check the schedule. I go back there and it says I was not scheduled to work that day. I then go and find the LOD that fired me and tell her that I was not scheduled that day and she says Oh I’m sorry I got you mixed up with someone else. She then brings up another issue of me opening the front doors to leave after my shift. I was already there past the time and there was nothing else to do since the Black Friday stuff was taken care of. They bitched at me saying it was a security risk and since I was still on my 90 day period they had to let me go. Yes I got fired because I left a fucking door unlocked. I told them no one informed me that I needed an LOD to let me out of the store. They wouldn’t listen and asked me to turn in my nametag. So I will be filing a complaint to Target corporation about the situation cause I am pretty sure other people have done that too. So all in all Fuck you Target in Tennessee. All of your LODs suck. They sit on their ass in the office while everyone else is outside working their asses off. No higher up should sit around and do nothing.


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  • GladToBeGone says:

    Which store? Was it in NE Tennessee

  • Nami says:

    Target in Clarksville Tn

  • disgusted says:

    The people who pass as ETL's at tarshit do this stuff on purpose though, its how tarshit operates, very sleazy, but hey thats the tarshit way, the Minnesota way, its not isolated to one store, this happens in every store in every state or province too,

  • keropi says:

    I had overheard a group of GSTL's and AP people bragging about how they finally fired this guy when they had been looking for a reason to let him go for weeks (they fired him for talking about politics). While he was there they smiled at him all the time and called him by name though. Gilded shit.


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