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January 22, 2014 - Np2112

Fired Due to credit hacking\LOD miss handling

I worked at target for only a few months during witch I thought was great I work in electronics easy right…. Well it was until. During my time I mistakingly left the Apple products out once, was late once and late another time due to miss communications by my one of my lods. And forgot once in awhile to ask for a new battery for walkie.All of which instead of pulling me to the side saying hey remember to-do this or you can improve on that. I got a (coaching) twice fired on the spot because they thought I wasnt working or in there words slaking or not working. I have ocd I clean my area I take the shipments restock the encaps. And ask my lods ¬†if I can stay late to help.And have more electronics experience and know how than most back there. I thought Wal-Mart was bad. But I got fired right when target announced 110 million were affected by that ¬†hacking. But I was told some weird excuse to why I needed to be let go. Which I responded back with that’s not best for business when I was never trained to there standards. I did the best with what I was handed. I’m never a slacker I gi’ve everything into my work. I’m glad I’m outta there





  • TargetSucks says:

    Don't come on here and lie... You listed 5 reasons to get yourself fired, and then said you're OCD. If you're OCD, you're not late, and you don't leave shit out when it shouldn't be. You're just irresponsible. Be glad you're out of that shit hole, and when you get your next job, try taking responsibility for your actions instead of blaming everyone else.

  • Np2112 says:

    Im making excuses they didn't train me. I was late to work once at 4am due to car problems, the second time was due to wrong information by my old which I got coach for I have evidence of that.I left Apple products out because during which time I was slammed helping guest asked for help nobody came.I did the best I could with what I was handed. I've been in retail for years and I loved my job while working.

    • Escaped says:

      Okay let's say we ignore the two times that you were late, the walkie thing, and if you were perhaps unfairly perceived as lazy, because those are all "small things" and whatever, but one of the *biggest* electronics rules that I remember was that you lock big deal electronics (example: most Apple products) up. Slammed or not guests can wait while you turn a freaking key. If I worked at a jewelry store and had to leave the counter and didn't lock it, what do you think would happen? If I worked at a pharmacy and didn't lock the door at night, what do you think would happen? If I worked in the electronics department and didn't keep the cases locked, what do you think would happen? Exactly: I'd be in big trouble. Shit is locked up for a reason, that reason being theft; which in case you weren't fully aware, is a rather bad thing for a store. Whether you forgot or were too busy doesn't matter. You didn't lock it. You were supposed to. You were told to. You didn't. Your fault. The end. And *that* is likely the key here to why you were fired. One big thing you did + a few "small things" = termination.

      At any rate it doesn't matter anymore, it's behind you, so good luck in the future.

  • Np2112 says:

    Typeo LOD I'm not making excuses

  • Np2112 says:

    It wasnt locking them up I always did that. During the forgiveness weekend before Christmas. They put the abandons out which I couldn't get to. Between llittle to no help I couldnt get to due to being slammed and because of that one of the carts had a few high merchandose items, I kept being told repeatedly to help the guest by my tteam lead and lod until towards the end of my shift. It was brought to my attention about it which I immediately put up and spider wraped. Your all thinking this my fault. How when my lods tell Me to assist and help meanwhile something I know I was going todo got put off by them.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Dude (of dudette), you are making excuses. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and admit you made a mistake.

    When I read things like -I couldn't -'s a red flag that someone isn't owning up to something...
    As the others said, target is behind you now. And remember, it's not how much you know about a product, it's how you handle each situation.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Oh and ps: I don't think you were "Fired Due to credit hacking\LOD miss handling". I think, they didn't feel you were a good fit. Maybe you were let go because you were seasonal.

  • Np2112 says:

    I'm outta there doesnt matter what y'all think I know what happen neither you think it's an.excuse or whatever.because I was told it came down for corporate. Either way I'm outta retail and into my career


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