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August 18, 2019 - TarShitHole

Finally, relief!

I found this place some time ago, only to continue to stay at Target to suffer at the hands of many team leads as they came and then were gone. And now, it is time to share my experience. I hope all who read this and feel the same way, get out before they use every little slip-up and excuse to get rid of you.

So, after having worked at this hell hole for about 6 years, I was finally terminated at the hands of those who wanted me gone.  Fuck all that bullshit I had to put up with all those years. It didn’t matter who was the team lead, those who came and those who left or got fired the situation was always the same.  They were ALWAYS BITCHING ABOUT SOMETHING and changing shit up as they pleased.

There was hardly ever any appreciation, and especially once these bitches came in to take over there was even less, and more nit-picking and getting yelled at for doing my job(for grabbing freight before completing zone and pulls, for not calling them over when the back stock needed to be ‘checked’*and speaking of that bullshit, they needed people to call over LODs to verify back stock and make sure that counts were right and that what was shown on the device was what was on the shelves, yet they didn’t take into account just how much time was lost when we had to wait on them, wait for them to find the item on the shelf and then hear them bitch about the counts being off and assuming it was your fault when too much of a product came in*).

Things just got progressively worse as I cared less and less(mind you in the beginning I always wanted to do things right, and appreciated being a perfectionist and cared about things going where they were meant to go) and grew bitter about work just by the way I was treated and saw others being treated.

They started off slow, introducing the idea of getting rid of certain working departments like the signing team(way before I worked there),back stock team, then the price change team, and eventually turning in the idea that everyone had to be cashier trained to help out the front…which usually consisted of just one or two people and the installment of the self check outs.  With the ship from store as an added part to the store, then they expected everyone to help with flex AND still finish their work at the time THEY CALCULATED.

Inaccurate times, always.  They think they know exactly how much time it takes to get the job done, yet I never did see any attempt from them to achieve work within that time frame.

ETL that replaced the other ETL was WAAAYYY worse than the last, and a TOTAL fucking BIIITCH!  Fuck her, and everyone there who always thought they were the shit just because they had a TL job or higher.  That bitch had the atrocity to do a series of claps after I clocked out for the last time.  Oh yeah, they wanted me out.

It really is like a sorority there, with team leads appreciating the suck-ups and treating the hard-working employees who actually WORK like total shit.  I’ve seen this time and time again at different jobs, but Target is the absolute worst.

Unfair with the hours, it didn’t matter who was there.  They don’t care if you have bills to pay, and mouths to feed.  I never had sufficient hours to last me through two weeks, and once I did do all right they began to push the times of their calculated work load and began to bitch about meeting the time frames or if not, it was a performance discussion(especially if you had to leave work before finishing your freight) and your explanations were basically excuses to them.

Lastly, before I keep rambling on and on, being an ‘owner of your area’ meant nothing to the TL’s because their egos meant more to them than you trying to explain your logic after years of observation just because they didn’t want you to lose time back stocking something.

Every little minute was precious, oh so precious to them that they would bitch literally every day, not to let them lose not one minute of their always limited payroll.

At the end of the day, with their algorithms coming into play with the main focus on saving every little penny they can, using the whole store to do everything it will ALWAYS be about saving on labor costs, NEVER for your own profit only their own.  Forcing you to adapt to new ways of doing your job only for their convenience, never yours.  If you had a certain way of doing things, you were then MICROMANAGED to your core!

So, tonight I am having some wine, breaking out the THC and CBD in my vape and I am finally free from the shit hole that is Target. 🙂




  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, the socialist suck ups the GSTLs, the ETAs, the HR, and manager of store. If you are social and kiss there ass they go hey ahhh yeah, oh it's all fine. But if you work hard on getting something done they are on your ass about you didn't finish the job back there, what the hell?!!?! It's like I'm one person. You can't blame me for the other 2 who called in or didn't call in at all. Lack of staff is not my fault. You ETAs and crap should know that, 1 person can't do 3 persons jobs. You make a good point just extending it myself.

    • TarShitHole says:

      YES! Fuck all of those brown-nosed snitches!!
      It's like yeah, Tarshit we're not the robots you hope will eventually replace us yet!
      Lack of staff is obviously on purpose at times, they want to milk every ounce of energy out of you to complete all the jobs you possibly can before you leave for the day.

  • Market sucks now says:

    Wow posted on my last day. Like you knew. lol. Well one way or another you got out. Congratulations.

    • TarShitHole says:

      Thanks...didn't exactly leave voluntarily like I had planned but either way, it's just such a relief. Glad you're out too! 🙂

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Tarshit only cares about the all mighty dollar. If they cared about people then people wouldn’t be quitting all the damn time or looking for another job so they can quit.

    • TarShitHole says:

      YES. All they really ever care about is their sales, their timelines and cutting payroll as much as they can to gain the most profits.
      And they really don't care about their workers at all. I got vertigo due to excessive fluid in my ears and I heard that bitch tell me, 'Go to the doctor because we need you to be at your highest work potential'. Not because she was concerned about MY overall well being, just for the sake of the BUSINESS.
      I remember there were the days that I wished for Target's success when they were really struggling, but it's like FUCK why did I even care!?!?! Now I'm like FUCK TARGET AND I HOPE THEY ROT IN BANKRUPTCY!!! *evil laugh* lol

      • viciousdave says:

        I agree. They should go bankrupt. They treat employees like scumbags and that we don't matter, we just have to do what the CEO says but an extra mean way. Did you see that tarshit is now with disney? That's right, they're going to have a freaking disney part of there stores now. Oh yay, more kids stuff basically. They treated me like shit. I was always so nice to the customers, they liked me, I changed prices down up to $20 like I was suppose to as told by ETLs and GSTLs. Any more than $20, turn on the light blinking. Oh crap wait like 10 minutes just for 1 GSTL or ETL or higher. While I'm waiting and the guest customer is, she the customer goes this is bullshit business, there should be help by now! I said I agree, but the managers and bosses are lazy, I'm very sorry. At the same time, 3 to 4 ETL and GSTLs walk by and go oh I'm sorry I'm on lunch I can't help if I'm not on the clock. Which is true, law obiding rules of American jobs. But the big thing is why in the freaking hell do all of the ETLs and GSTLs have lunch at the same time?!!?!?!?!?!? Than they let the people down and profit down as several people just leave and say I'm going to walmart now!!! Tarshit, what a joke.


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