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July 29, 2015 - ShouldaGraduated

Favorite TL/ETL nicknames?

Half of my store knows my STL as Lord Farquaad and I personally like to call the backroom ETL Four Feet of Fury.

Share some of yours


Employee Experience


  • TargetisSatan says:

    A cashier, that thinks she knows everything, I like to call her Kim Cashierdashian lol

  • cooper says:

    We call our market sr. TL (fatty) Boom Batty cuz all she does is sit around on her ass telling people what she did when really she just barks orders and oversteps her bounds and tries to tell backroom team what to do and presentation team and then complains in her emails that "Backroom refused to do this" or so on.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Some of us referred to our STL as the Eye of Sauron (LOTR) because she was ALWAYS watching everyone. Like hiding behind merchandise in the Backroom to spy on TMs and other crazy things of that nature.


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