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December 21, 2010 - fast-fun-fuck you

Fast Fun and Friendly Team work my ASS

Okay, so I worked at Target when I was in highschool as a part time job and I can honestly say that I liked it back then.  However, I went back to target this past year just to make extra money and these ass hats didn’t know the difference between their assholes and a hole in the ground. I worked on the sales floor in “Hardlines” (plastic bins, towels, lamps, picture frames, sheets, toys…you get the point). When I applied I asked them to please put me on the flow team that works early in the morning or in the backroom because I work alot better when I dont have morons bugging me every 3 minutes and that isnt including the customers…well that didnt happen. I also explained that I am a single mother and though I have child care so I was able to work night shifts I would like to have an opportunity to see my child. Well, once again, this did not happen. Once I started work they pretty much gave ALL night shifts…3 to 11:30 and when Christmas season came around it was 4 to 12 and then it went to 4:30 to 1 am.  A few weeks ago a relative of mine got hit by a drunk driver and I had to call in for one day, thats it, one day. Target talks about how “family friendly” they are but they kept holding that over my head. Every single shift I worked I had my “Zone” and “reshops” (fancy name for crap people decided they didnt want and we had to put back) dont before the store even closed. When I was done with my area I would go to another department and help without having to be asked but did I ever get a “Thank You”, a “Good Job” anything positive at all? HELL NO, all they did was focus on the negative bullshit. So finally my breaking point was this past Wednesday, I had had the flu since Tuesday and Wednesday it got really bad. I was running a fever, throwing up and every inch of my body hurt from my hair to my toe nails, I could barely move. Now its not like I was keeping it a secret I told my managers that I was under the weather and was going to need some help. So a few hours went by and no help, then more time went by and no help, then finally it was midnight, the store was closed and I had an overflowing cart of reshops. So once again I went to one of my team leads and an LOD and politely asked them if I could get some help because I was still sick and couldnt move that fast, one of then said “as soon as we are done in seasonal we will be over to help you” (there were about 9 people helping in seasonal). So 30 minutes pass and no one comes to help, then 45 minutes and still no one. Finally around 12:30 one of my co workers happen to walk by taking something to the back room. I asked him if he was going to help me and he said “no, they already called the zone” (which means they are done for the night, everyone clocks out and leaves) no one bothered to tell me. At this point I am so pissed I am shaking. I walk to the front of the store and the TL asked me if I got my reshops done and I looked her in the eye and said “NOPE”, when she asked why I responded “well if memory serves I asked you specifically for help and you didnt bother to come help at all or send anyone over to help and then called the zone and didnt tell me, so if the team isnt going to help me, I am not helping the team”. At that I went and clocked out and started venting to my friend Nikki, the TL came walking up and was like “Brittany, are you okay”. I said I was pissed and she needed to leave me alone until I calmed down but she still kept pushing me…so she got what she asked for. I read her her rights in front of anyone that happened to be around. Her response “your the only one that acts this way” and I told her “No actually I am not, I have sat and listened to every single person in the store talk shit about you and every LOD, the only difference is that I am not afraid or intimidated by you so I have the courage to say it to your face”. That was more or less my long was of saying I QUIT


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  • Tired.Ass.Cashier says:

    Hahaha brittany I love you!! That was soooo worth reading. I thought only my lod's were bitches

  • birdsong says:

    Man, can I understand how you feel. I worked for target 4 years (had done a years time @ wallyworld), so, doublely thrilled to be there. After, about a year, I was told I needed to smile, blah, blah, the usual. At one point was to "act like you're playing a role on tv". Nope, feel like a hypocrite, still tried. I'm a very serious minded person & at times felt sick doing so. I'm told this all the time, but, they put me & GS my 3rd day there. I hadn't been there a year when I won the 'lovely gift' for getting the most bullseyes for the month. So, years go on, am told I'm the GS Queen one minute, next you're not friendly, blah freakin' blah. Though, I'd get comment cards from guests sent to home office about how good I was @ job. etc. Things starting to REALLY bad when things kept getting left for me, from previous team member & I finally complained. Yes, I was calling in too often (others were worse). However, during the time, we'd lost our house, filed bankruptcy, cancer scare in family, I had major surgery, no car, several deaths, whole new school district for child & yadda yadda. Doing my job & others @ times, new people getting positions I should, didn't because I didn't keep quiet & allow them to walk all over me. Rarely did the nutball lods back me fully, respectfully with guests my last few months. One gsa even told the lod I was looking at her, thus, causing me to get called in!! Anyway, I got 'coached' for things I supposedly was doing wrong for FIVE months before they told me, but, for 4 years I'd been doing the SAME way!? Yep, you guessed it, I was "let go". Who replaced me the day of my surprising, wonderful release? A woman with scraggly hair, no teeth, smelled like an ashtray, with the IQ of a pickle, that had not be trained more than a couple of days, if at all.:) That's okay, I'm getting a vacation before I look elsewhere.


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