Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 27, 2014 - lumpydoggy

Even if your desperate, DONT WORK FOR TARGET

Hands down, Target is the worst place you could ever try to work. I got a job at target as a temporary help on income during the summer. My main job cuts hours during the summer (I am a part time HR rep at a department store), and my husband just graduated college and was looking for a main job. A friend recommended target as a easy part-time job, so I thought it would be great for me.

I went into the interview and it went great. I expressed how I JUST WANTED 12-16 HOURS A WEEK and had a main job. NOTHING MORE. The person who hired me said it would be okay and I joined the morning flow team (hours 4am-9am). This worked perfect for me since I usually work nights. I figured “Hey… its only three times a week and only during the summer. No big deal!”


First, NO ONE TRAINED ME. I started without any idea what to do, nor being told where to go on my first day! I should have turned and ran that moment. My TL threw a box cutter to me and barked that I was to go to the line. No “Hi! I am your Team Lead”, no anything.

Second, they completely ignored my requested scheduled. I was told during hiring that i would ONLY get 12-16 hours a week. When I saw my first scheduled week, I did a double take. My TL scheduled me EVERY FUCKING DAY 9AM-12PM. More than 30 hours! I was livid! But when I went to my team lead, she just shrugged and said “I dont do the schedules”. ANOTHER THING, I HAD FIVE DIFFERENT MANAGERS. None of them communicated with each other, so i would be yelled at to do the same thing by different people. Listen… I have been working in retail for five years. IT DOES NOT TAKE FIVE FUCKING PEOPLE TO TELL ME TO STOCK PEANUT BUTTER. They didn’t even do work. All they did was stand around, drinking coffee in the morning and make fun of the foreign people I worked with.

What really put me over the edge is how they fucking treated people. For example, I worked with at least seven hispanic women whose main language was spanish…so when talking to each other, they spoke in spanish. They were all very nice women and were always sweet, never mean to anyone. The TL’s were so fucking rude to them! I watched one go up to one of the women’s face and say “I DONT SPEAK CRAPPY SPANISH. I SPEAK ENGLISH”. HOW FUCKING RUDE IS THAT. I went to HR to report what I saw, and all I got was a stern talking to about “tattling on team members”. THAT’S RIGHT. H-FUCKING-R TOLD ME NOT TO REPORT EMPLOYEE ABUSE.

I have never worked in a place that was so backwards when it comes to basic functions to run a business. The flow team was overworked and treated like crap. People would work 12 days in a row before having a day off, and still the leads would ask them to come in. My managers were lazy and rude, and favored certain people. I was so overworked and mentally exhausted from Tarshit, it was effecting other parts of my life.

The extra money was not worth it, so i put in my two weeks after four weeks of HELL. The next day, I was pulled into the office and told they had me on tape stealing makeup and that I was termed effective immediately. I asked to see the tape and they said they could not show me it because the internet was down. THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW. I promptly stood up and called out their lie. I have never tried to steal from a job. Hell, PART OF MY HR JOB IS TO TERM PEOPLE WHO STEAL. I told them since they are terming me without proper proof and I gave my two weeks, they owed me the rest of the week’s pay although they were trying to let me go.

Seriously, FUCK TARGET. Worst four weeks of my life.


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  • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

    Lumpydoggy, I am sorry you had this experience. I was with Target for 7 years before being terminated in February. Similar reason with your story. I think they are trying to make us scapegoats or something. It's sad when after my ordeal with Target that I am taking my business to Walmart instead of Target. Haven't shopped at Target since being terminated and I've continued shopping at Best Buy, Kroger, and Walmart to substitute.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    Your experience is eerily similar to mine- a typical Target experience! I only lasted three weeks before I cussed out the LOD, clocked out, called the Integrity Hotline to file a complaint, and now, I am enjoying my summer. Fuck 'em. I put a 2 weeks notice in after my second week because I got an awesome job offer elsewhere and it's like they all turned on me and started to harass me by doing things like piling tons of work on me, complaining it was taking me too long, threatening to fire me, pretending they couldn't find my checks, telling my I can't go home until I do all the bullshit they keep piling on me with no help, staring me down, etc.

  • pastplanolead says:

    Totally think this post hit so many points right on the mark! It is the absolute worst place to work for, I tell everyone I know. I only find solace in knowing that SO MANY others took the crap only for so long and walked the hell out without looking back.

  • Channing1976 says:

    Target sucks whale dick!!!


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