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April 16, 2019 - Redcardsuck

Do yourself a service and avoid guest services

Like the title says if you make the desperate and unfortunate choice to work for Target do NOT EVER learn Guest Services. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth the shitty excuse for training, it’s not worth the aggravation, and it’s most definitely not worth the stress of juggling so many things alone with pretty much zero help. With that being said allow me to paint you all a picture of exactly what happened to me yesterday on one of my oh so thrilling shifts.

This was actually a first. I got a lecture, maybe even what some would consider a read about not doing my job correctly. Apparently she “didn’t like my tone” when I told her I would be with her in just a minute. I was behind the service counter in the little area where reshop is sorted and all the orders are kept (our store has yet to be remodeled). I was actually having a private conversation with AP about something unrelated.

That’s when it happened. This discount dirtqueen diva comes up to the counter and says in the rudest nastiest most entitled form of voice you could possibly imagine: HELLOOO HELLOoOoOO
Can I get some SERVICE here? And so naturally I respond back ” I’ll be with you in just a MINUTE mamm” Well Miss Thang was not having it honey. When I came out and said “How can I help you” she was not pleased.

Apparently she didn’t approve of “my tone” I was not friendly or engaging enough for her. She then proceeded to put on an entire Broadway show about my failure as a Target Employee. The guests in line just smiled and laughed awkwardly. I could tell from the way she spoke and the language she used she’s either an ETL at a different Target or possibly works in corporate. Either way even the GUESTS could see this woman was ridiculous. The people Target supposedly makes a first priority.

My tone came off annoyed. (No shit bitch don’t treat people like trash and expect royal treatment back). My greeting was unsatisfactory. I did not engage her at all (we were supposed to have some kind of riveting conversation about the tampons she was returning?) I was not friendly and based on this interaction she would not come back.

Okay? Am I supposed to be bothered by that? Am I supposed to bow down and kiss your ass because you and everyone else in Targets leadership seems to think we’re all just a bunch of robot workhorses who have no needs or feelings whatsoever? I don’t plan on spending the rest of my life working at Target. If I don’t live up to their ridiculous expectations I couldn’t possibly care less.

The thing that leaders/guests don’t seem to understand is. You’re a nonfactor honey. You’re irrelevant. You’re not paying my bills (not with the hours you’re giving me). You’re not a person of any kind of importance in my life, you’re not going to bed with me every night, you’re not somebody from whom I’m desperately seeking validation of approval. Unlike some of the younger more impressionable workers I’m not here for those games. I’m not here to impress you. Im here to do A JOB.

Now if telling people to “wait a minute” because I’m preoccupied is rude. Then I guess I’m going to continue to be one rude ass bitch because we’re constantly cutting hours and usually severely understaffed. Therefore, I’m going to be asking guests to wait A LOT because there’s too many of them for one person to handle. I’m not the flash nor am I Superman or Sonic the fucking hedgehog. This is not the make-a-wish foundation and I’m not here trying to perform miracles. I do what I can with what little I’m given so if that creates such a problem maybe the business should seriously reevaluate the way it chooses to run its stores.

Rant over. TL; DR? Guest Service sucks and so does management don’t ever work here.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Agreed to don’t ever work Tarshit. Also food ave/pizza hell is a pretty bad place to work too.

  • viciousdave says:

    I had a similar time. Working as cashier a worker came in my lane not dressed in her target red brown clothes. She has EBT for her baby. Ok cuts off each section with a red bar on the motor belt. Ok EBT form, bink, bink, bink, put it in the scanner. Next one. Oh you forgot this one too, add it on. Ok, oh I can't, this form doesn't say bananas. She was like what the hell?!?!?!? You had a form before for bananas but I couldn't see the bananas they were way back on the start of the belt metal siver bar part. She goes , omg wtf you asshole!!! I said again helloooooooo, I couldn't see the bananas, next time check your EBT list and put the right items next to your EBT form!!! She kept yelling at me like dumb assss!!!! I went to get a GSL as the GS were all talking in back of a lane, I said I have major problem a woman keeps yelling at me. Finally the GSL said we're sorry but it already went through the machine here, we can't just something to that. So than the GSTL said ok 3 bananas $1.98, -48 cents half off. Just what the hell why don't people understand what there problem is?

  • ghost22 says:

    Quest services would always be understaffed around the holidays and would always have things left over for the next day. I have moved in from Target and I have to say that it was a mixed decision looking back. I had to deal with more crap at the new job ironically a love triangle again. Man I just hate love triangles and always losing when they happen. Only if I worked at corporate office would I return and not as store employee as I was just let down all the time and they didn’t keep their promises such as “full time” which was a joke. Only got 30 hours most weeks and sometimes only 24 hours. Of course I feel bad about leaving some days, but sometimes we have to make decisions based on economic reasons and not just emotions. The pay was just too low to even pay rent. Hours were inconsistent as well. Good luck to those still working, I am glad where I am at now.


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