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December 18, 2009 - TargetDoesSuck

Dear Target Customer service:

Dear Target Customer service:

As a customer since 2001 I was astonished today when I decided to take you up on your shopping offer and save 10% when using my Target to make a purchase. I checked my account balance and found that my available credit had been reduced recently which given the current state of the economy is completely understandable as you are likely minimizing risk. Rather than $300 of available credit I expected you had reduced my available credit in the last few weeks to just $100. Again, understandable given these uncertain times. So I took some cash and my card with $100 of available credit according to your update just a few days ago and went to my favorite Target location here in Seal Beach to do some Christmas shopping in an effort to take advantage of the 10% offer YOU SENT TO ME in the mail recently.

When I arrived at check out after an hour and a half spent shopping at your establishment I was told by the very nice cashier that unfortunately the purchase had been declined. I reduced the level of my purchase to under $40 and was again told it would not go through. Unbelievable. How was this possible?

When I got home I checked over my account online and found that you had reduced the available credit not once but twice and all without notification. I believe that this is exactly what Congress and the people in our great nation are so confused and upset about. A lack of common courtesy and no business acumen whatsoever.

While I know that it is important for businesses to manage risk but question why you would waste valuable resources including the cost of mailing and the loss of the paper and time necessary to complete the mailing of this “Special Offer” that YOU* sent to me.
I run a mid size company and am from time to time astonished that companies like Target continue to flourish in difficult times given the lack of customer service example I have just provided. Perhaps times are changing. Please understand that as I circulate this to my friend Jack Popejoy at KFWB and other local radio, television and web based consumer reports sites along with Ed Royce (Congressman from our district who has taken a particular interest in credit card company’s behavior recently ) it is my hope that this letter of correspondence receives something other than a canned response from your system. But be assured that all correspondence will be placed on some very high profile sites around the net beginning with this letter and then adding to the string as you reply. The next move is yours.


Name withheld until they fix the problem!




  • leesummitcouple says:

    I totally agree. I bought 3 sets of shelves as well as about 10 pillows and other assorted household items in January. At the time of purchase, I had difficulties with pricing and had to have several mangers come to the register and me take them physically to the display before they honored the price after calling me stupid for not just taking their word for the price. However, I only needed 2 sets of shelves and took one set back today with the receipt. I had asked at time of purchase if this could be refunded for cash if needed as I was using a prepaid debit card and not able to have money refunded on to it and I did not want a gift card to Target. The managers assured me that I could. So today when I asked for my cash refund I was told it was against the law. When I confronted the manager with the fact that I return things to other stores including Walmart purchased with the same card and receive cash back, it must not be a law but a policy she changed her story. I told her I had returned other things off the reciept for cash and she denied it and would not look it up to see if there were transactions on record. I told her finally to give me the gift card and i would just cash it in at another store as I have done in the past and she said its not possible. She literally turned red in the face when I let her know not only was it possible I had done it at this store as well. I did spend $10 of the gift card in the store today as I needed something and was planning on using that money at Walmart. I will however get my money back by hook or crook as they say. Hopefully soon this store will be forced to change their practices or at least hire people with a jr. high education to be in management. I had only went to Target to save a few dollars on an advertised special. I should have spent the extra $15. Lesson learned.
    A regretfull Lee's Summit "guest"


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