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August 25, 2012 - goatface

Crazy expectations

So I’ve worked at Target for about a year and six months (and about 11 months since my last post here), and I am still baffled at the ineptness of the management staff at my store. Just to start, in my year and a half with this lovely company, I have had six hardlines ETLs. It is hard for me to understand how a company can expect to function properly if the management has a higher turnover rate than the sales floor. Fortunately, my current hardlines ETL actually has sales floor experience and has been with the company for most of his adult life, so he knows what he is doing. All of the others, on the other hand, are clueless. Both my Store Team Lead and the HR ETL are under investigation by the company for being general screwups, as well as using their positions to wrongfully terminate employees who they just don’t happen to like.

Currently, our store is severely mismanaged. Everyone is being shafted on hours, except for a few favorites. Fortunately for me, I am one of the favorites, and I admit that I am shown favor over many other team members. I was recently allowed to switch to instocks, which gives me more hours and more convenient shifts, and I am still scheduled for many hardlines shifts on the weekends since the store is much busier and they need extra closers/ad setup. Unfortunately for me, the clusterfuck that is store #2205 has created a situation where the three person instocks team is responsible for their job, and half of everyone else’s. I come in for a typical instocks shift at 7:00 am, fully prepared to do my job, then suddenly BAM, “Hey guys, we are shorthanded on flow team today(every day), can you help us push out everything from the truck? Also can you push out all of this clearance? Also here are two flats full of back to school that need to go out!”
So there goes two hours of time that we could be using to do our scans. THEN BAM, almost every weekday morning there is NOBODY scheduled for hardlines, except occasionally one Senior Team Lead. When you add a lack of team members scheduled for softlines, instocks is also completely responsible for answering code 1s, helping guests, answering calls, cleaning up spills, and doing whatever else suddenly needs immediate attention.
So, eventually, we get to our actual jobs and have to rush through everything, never completing our tasks list, and attempting to push out all of our research pulls before we have to clock out. THEN AT THE END OF EVERY WEEK, WE GET CHEWED OUT BECAUSE WE DIDN’T GET ENOUGH SCANS.

It just seems to me that the expectations they have are a little insane. We can’t do five jobs at once, and when we attempt to our performance drops. It seems fairly logical to me that when you pull away one team to assist another/replace another, then their original job isn’t getting done. Then again, maybe my expectations are insane if I think my store runs on silly things like logic or reason. I’ve resorted to cheating the system in order to keep our scores high enough to hopefully shield the instocks TL from ETL temper tantrums (EVER DAY IS RESCAN DAY! YAAAY!).

Anyway, it is almost 2:00 am and I clock in at 7:00 am, I should probably get some sleep in preparation for the hell that awaits me. Any similar experiences?


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  • bobatea978 says:

    Your going through what I went though when I was in plano (I quit two weeks ago). My previous asshole/racist supervisor use to make myself and the rest of Plano help out flow team almost everyday. The reason why they did this is not because flow team didn't have enough people but to try to get them to leave super early to "save hours".

    After we helped flow we were rushed to do our plano work. If we didn't finish by the ridiculous, made up time frame that our supervisor put down he would coach or write us up.

  • 1bluemoon says:

    Stay strong, I am with you goatface. I am on the flow team and it sucks πŸ™ Today I almost hit my 5th hour! Woopsee!! I'll be posting my stories soon.

  • Hate_Me says:

    I literally almost slapped myself for reading this story. This has definitely got to be one of the most boring, horribly-written things I have ever encountered in my life. I almost fell asleep halfway through until you busted out with, "I come in for a typical instocks shift at 7:00 am, fully prepared to do my job, then suddenly BAM, β€œHey guys, we are shorthanded on flow team today(every day), can you help us push out everything from the truck? Also can you push out all of this clearance? Also here are two flats full of back to school that need to go out!”"

    Then I was like, "Holy shit!! They made you do your JOB??? (dramatic gasp) How DARE they!!"

    Get over yourself. Your story sucked.

  • goatface says:

    Actually, according to best practices, in-stocks isn't supposed to stock anything from the back room until after their tasks list has been completed for the day. This is because, exactly as I stated, it fucks with our scores. I don't mind coming in and helping out, but when it gets to the point that it is a hindrance to my job performance it is pretty annoying, especially when the ETL asking for all of the help and dragging me away from my work is the one who gets pissy when our scores are too low. I'm not angry over doing my job, I'm angry over other people preventing me from doing my job.

    • Hate_Me says:

      Then quit, and stop bitching about it. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again, and expecting different results. You just need to quit; Target will never change.

      As far as you doing your own job, honestly, I didn't read your post that closely, since I really don't particularly give a shit what you went through there. I just like to be a complete bitch on here and piss people off.

      So go fuck yourself, I guess...since it seems like the right thing to say right now.

  • rbudding says:

    This hits it right on the money. I'm so frustrated right now. I'm an instocks team member and they do the same thing. They want me to push freight, answer phones, help in electronics, all kinds of shit, yet still somehow get my instocks scanning done every day by some arbitrary deadline they make up. It is NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE! If you want it done well it can not be done

    Also, lol, I was just informed two days ago that I would be let go in one month. They actually told me they were going to fire me in a month, and they still expect me to come in and do a good job until then. Ha! Good one. I'll keep coming in cause I can use the money, but I'll be damned if I do anything to help out that store. I'm an Eagle Scout, valedictorian, college grad, etc. I've been promoted to the top in every job I've ever had, I busted my ass every day on this one, and they fire me. Fuck them. Fuck them all.


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