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July 19, 2012 - bobatea978

Constantly being sabotaged and picked on.

I’ve really had it with this corrupt, bullshitting company. Today I was so angry when I left for the day that I almost started to cry. I’ve been  on the Plano team for over a year and I try my hardest at this job. This job is so tedious and time consuming that it gives you a rampant headache and tires you out. My boss has been at me since April early this year when he came back from a family vacation. What bug got up his ass to start picking on me? I don’t know.

He constantly coaches me on tiny details that I supposedly missed or forgot to do (Forgot to remove ONE small clearance tag on an empty peg or missing a few of those stupid ICC’s that I did pull up BUT a passing customer felt was funny to pull off ). Supposedly “forgetting” to do research on two different pairs of shoes or a piece of electronics when I really did. The reason why the items are missing is because #1 the store has been open for a couple of hours, and #2 guests are shopping and bought the last one on the shelf/peg.

He complains about how I didn’t finish a Pog or revision in a time frame that HE made up. An example: When I look at the Online Adjacency calendar it says that a certain POG is 16 hours. But he tricks me by writing down 6.5 hours instead), or that I’m not working fast enough and says “Your not moving with urgency”. I’m not a fucking superhuman! I work has fast as I can and it doesn’t mean I’m slacking off.

Despite making those small mistakes and actually going back to each area and correcting them when they were pointed out to me on the same day, he gathers up everything I’ve done very rarely over the last few months and puts me on a corrective action. The only time I have ever been given any type of warning was years ago in my first job after high school for being rude to a customer. I’ve never had ANY write up for years until I started working for Target.

As of now working here is getting more worst. He’s still coaching me.  I seriously think that he wants to get rid of or fire me. Some of my other co-workers or his brother who’s not even supposed to work in Plano also make mistakes but doesn’t get coached or written up for it. Everyday that I come in he gives me a bigger workload (with sneaky hours) and rarely sends anyone who is finished to help me. The funny thing is that when I do finish up my work on time and perfectly, he looks disappointed. Maybe because he can’t say shit to me then. But still he’ll find something to pin on me.

I’ve been trying to leave this fucked up company way before I was put on a corrective. I regret putting in an application, but at the time I had no choice because the better paying jobs are a little difficult to find and  I have to keep paying student loans for my somewhat worthless BFA.

I have thought of calling the Partner help line but I hear that it just circles back to the store manager to be investigated. My boss, HR, and store manager are all “friends” and watch each others back. Anything I would say to the them would just get thrown back in my face.  I found this out from several other co-workers because I’m not the only one being played with.

Unbelievable. I come in everyday on time, only called out twice in the one year I’ve been working here, do my work to the best of my ability, and I get put on a bullshit corrective action even though I cared enough to fix what I did wrong? Maybe I should just stop caring about this job. Just work as fast as I can until my heart explodes, put stuff in the wrong area, don’t bother to FIFO or clean the dusty shelves. I’d definitely get the POG finished by it’s made up hours wouldn’t I?

I MUST get OUT OF HERE! Hopefully it will be very soon because I have high hopes for a potential career that I signed up for.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    You actually care about your job at Target? Uh, stop caring. It does wonders.

    ...One other thing. You're paying off student loans? Then you must have a BA of some sort. What the hell are you doing at Target? Ugh.....You make me want to drink.

  • bobatea978 says:

    By all means go drown yourself.
    You try finding a better job in Nevada which has a very high unemployment rate. At this time, you take what you can get to keep up the payments.

    Plus who says that I've given up looking for something better? That's all you can do while working in a shit hole like Target.

  • TheAssistant says:

    I had the EXACT SAME experience with my old Team Lead when I was on Flow. She just out of the bloody-fucking-blue started to yell and bitch at me. There were other people on the team, ie, the jock-ish guys, that deserved to be yelled at. She is abrasive, and a downright nutter. She even started talking about 'farting in guests' faces' one day! (of course I reported it. Nothing changed) She made my work life (HA life!) a living hell.


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