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September 10, 2017 - nrworkerspower

Christiansburg Target Workers Win 1st Demand, Boss Fired!

On September 8th Christiansburg Target workers were informed that abusive STL Daniel Butler was fired. It took us five days of going on strike and gaining the media spotlight on the issue to finally get results. This was the only the way for us to win our issue. But now we want to fight and make sure our elder workers get seriously-needed healthcare and a living wage. Target brought inĀ 69.4 billion dollars last year. The Target CEO Brian Cornell makes $28.1 million dollars annually, despite only working for the corporation for three years. We have many coworkers who have worked for Target longer than him, and yet they are the ones who have to worry about making ends meet? There’s no justice in that. Take a stand with us. Reach out at




  • Silverfox says:

    This is an issue that is target wide not just your store. You got what you wanted. Know your limit. If you keep pushing eventually you will lose the support you gained. Newsflash, target isn't your career job. It's a stepping stone job.

  • O-Tarjaay says:

    keep fighting the good fight, but... lets be real...

    Stocker/Cashier with 10 yrs experience is still less valuable than the CEO with 3 yrs, it takes one week to train a Cashier. The CEO most likely has 5-8 years of college and probably several years of other executive level retail. years of experience do not necessarily mean more pay.

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