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June 17, 2015 - Sapphire96

Cashiers are also cart attendants???

Okay, so when I worked for Target I felt like I was a slave to my LOD’s. When things were slow in the store or even if we were busy the other cashiers and I would be sent out TO GET CARTS. I’m sorry, but I signed up for a cashier position, not cart attendent. It was complete bullshit and even if I said I didn’t want to they would hand me an orange vest and tell me to bring in a row of carts. Has anyone else ever dealt with this kind of problem? That was one reason why I quit, that and those fucking red cards.


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  • Silverfox says:

    if you're a guy expect to go deal with carts, the cart attendant could be too busy doing price checks or doing reshop so a cashier gets to do it in his place to keep the customers happy by having carts inside the store

  • viciousdave says:

    Doesn't happen at my store. Everything else sure cashiers help guests find crap, and of course the lane cashier regular thing. But for cart attendant, only cart attendants and if any help is needed the LODs go out to help.

  • TiredTargetear says:

    They made me do carts one night and I ended up breaking my foot and going to the emergency room.

  • texastargetsucks says:

    Fuck it. Im hardlines, in texas heat , and ill push carts. Anything to get the hell outta that placeand waste a little of their time

  • texastargetsucks says:

    Buuut the first time they ever told me to push carts i told the lod,
    "thats not my job" fuck em


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