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July 16, 2012 - necroce

Cart Attendant

For almost a year my title was cart attendant for Target in Texas. This has to be the worst position in Target. Not only do they make the cart attendants go get carts, maintain the parking lot, clean the carts if needed, do carry outs, clean restrooms, clean any mess in the store (including cafe), sweep the entire store while still caring for customers and their needs. They also make the attendants do everyone elses job while still having to maintain their duties. This includes doing duties of hardlines, softlines, and front lanes. All while the LODs stand and talk around and laugh and have a good time at WORK. Cart attendants are the most under appreciated bunch of the entire store. They are used like mules for the lazy asses who dont want to work. I ABSOLUTELY HATED WORKING FOR TARGET! The LODs constantly bark orders and dont give any care of the employees. An example of everything ive just said: I needed to get carts, due to the fact the store was almost out. Mind you, its hot as hell in Texas especially in the middle of the day. An LOD tells me to go sweep an isle towards the very back of the store. I was outside in the front getting carts. While still completing the first task another LOD tells me to clean the cafe. Before finishing the first task still, the walky reminds me to clean the restrooms. While finishing the carts and trying to attend the restroom, ANOTHER LOD tells me to jump on a lane for the lack of cashiers. Once done with a majority of the customers i needed to fill the carts again. Having to run outside and fill them as fast as possible the first LOD tells me on the walky again to go sweep the isle. I kindly ask her if she can sweep it for me since i am so busy. She later comes to me and threatens to write me up. IT SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM FOR HER TO SWEEP IT IF SHES THERE ANYWAYS. especially since there are other tasks i must do to keep up with code and other employees who can easily do the task. Cart attendants should not be forced to do anyone elses job. EVEN WHILE I WAS WORKING THERE, ALL THE CART ATTENDANTS WOULD FOLLOW DIRECTIONS WITH A SMILE AND WERE SO UNDERAPPRECIATED. “oh all you do is push carts”. no thats not all we do. without the cart attendants supporting every other department in the store it would go to shit. Seriously target is a bs store. LODs need to get their head out of their asses.


Employee Experience


  • TargetSucks says:

    Everybody says that their position "is the worst" - but when it comes to cart attendants, that's probably true. They get the least pay, and the least amount of respect...usually.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Cart attending is definitely the worst job in the store. Cleaning up piss and shit, cleaning toilets, pushing carts in all sorts of weather, being expected to give a shit.... Your rant was hard to read, since you apparently don't grasp the concept of paragraphs (which is probably one of the reasons you were only a cart attendant), but nonetheless, I feel for you.

    You said " EVEN WHILE I WAS WORKING THERE, ALL THE CART ATTENDANTS WOULD FOLLOW DIRECTIONS WITH A SMILE AND WERE SO UNDERAPPRECIATED". So, you don't work there anymore? ....What the hell are you bitching about then? Haha...

  • TargetOkay says:


    I read many of the comments on this forum and found past and present LOD’s (who I assume all have had some formal college education) whom have written grammatically worse “stuff” here. I reread his post a few times and found that it is not hard at all to understand him. In fact he expressed himself very well. I can figure out where a new paragraph should be or not. Many other posts here are poorly written, much is rambling rants that offer confusing expressions, and we understand what they are saying. To say that his written skills are poor and then to say that because of that it is probably why he is a cart attendant amplifies what he just said. Clearly your opinion is that if anyone is not tip-top bright and brilliant as most others, if they can’t use paragraph spaces, that is probably why cart attending is a perfect job for them. Treating cart attendants as if they are undereducated well deserving of such a job as if that is their lot in life is how many treat cart attendants. Nothing is further from the truth.


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