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May 22, 2015 - cartbitch69

Cart Attendant AKA Cart Bitch

So we begin my job at target approximately three months ago. I begin my job with little training which was okay because cart attending seemed like a rather laid back job. This was completely and udderly wrong. The first two weeks were a piece of cake and seemed almost in a way fun. This is immeadiatly when I began having issues. Mid day one day I was informed of a “mess” in the woman’s restroom. When I went in I saw a few paper towels on the floor and thought oh thank god there’s not shit on the ground or something. I noticed a strange odor however and began opening up stalls searching for the unpleasant smell. When I opened up the middle stall I dry heaved rather loudly. There was shit all over the wall and the back of the toilet. Splattered dihheria everywhere. There were no gloves so I was forced to use garbage bags over my hands and wipe it up with toilet paper. It was literally everywhere in the stall. To add insult to injury after I got done cleaning that atrocity I was informed of the target employee restroom having urine on the floor and seat and reeking of shit. I cleaned up both messes mind you I had already thrown up three times. I then got talked to afterwards being informed I had a “no call no show” even though my printed schedule had no indication I had work that day. Then when I asked of the pay raise we were supposed to receive a week later I was interrogated wondering who I heard it from and what not. And now I am expected to do an unreasonable amount of work on top of my already tasking cart job which involves using a broken cart pusher and getting called in to cashier literally every 5 minutes. And on top of all of that my LOD literally hates my guts amd tries intimidating me every chance he gets. Putting in my two week tomorrow. Fuck you target.



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