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July 6, 2013 - Targethellhole

Bullies for cashiers

So after reading about this store more I have a lot of empathy for the poor people who must work here.  However at my Target there is a bullying asshole cashier.  This was my second experience with this weirdo.  All I want is to buy my things and go home but he starts in on his red card speech.  “Do you have kids?”  Your card wont give money to your kids schools you know?”  Then he stares at me like a creepy serial killer.   I say no thank you and think we can now ring up my shit so I can leave, oh no….”Do you know Americans have thousands and thousands of dollars of credit card debt”?   I do not have debt and its none of your freaking business if I did I reply.  He then insinuates I am lying by saying..”hmm that’s what everyone says..its just not the case.  I think credit cards are evil.”  Really I just don’t give a fuck stupid asshole.  Leave me alone and just ring up my shit.  I am DONE going to this store.  Never again.  I will take my credit card to Wal Mart , try and squish through their aisles full of twinkies and crap.  But at least I know I wont be harassed when I check out.


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  • Angelknight says:

    sorry, wal-mart also pushes their own credit card on you at the checkout. Try shopping at loblaws/superstore instead. No pushing of the store cc but a sign at the till that says sign up and we'll give you $20 of free food


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