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August 13, 2015 - captainawesome

Breaking Point

I would like to start out by saying this site has kept me sane for a while now and some of the posts you guys have are funnier than shit. Anyways, I work flow team and I have never felt so under-appreciated in my whole life. (Sidenote, I did say work because sadly at the moment I am still employed with Target, but only for another 9 days) Being on flow team presents an unrealistic work load for the amount of people and time that we get. There are only maybe 10 of us on the flow team and our store gets almost a full trailer (2300 pieces or more usually) every other day. My store expects us to push all 2300 and carts and auto-fills in 4 hours while helping customers (I dont call them guests). The work itself isnt too bad, but the managers are, the managerial staff at Target are easily the worst set of managers I have ever had. When it comes to flow team, they do LITERALLY NOTHING to help us out. All they do is stand there like a hawk and stare at us. All they do is try to rule over us with an iron fist. I am the type of person who will challenge authority if I feel like there is a problem, and oh boy does that not fly at Target. I get “talked to” constantly on my work and most of the time, its shit I dont have control over. I got talked to for not stacking more boxes on my pallet before it had been pulled, but there wasnt any other boxes to stack on it before they pulled it. I got talked to for kneeling down to stock a shelf. Yes, simply kneeling down, he said it looked like I wasnt working as hard vs if I just bent over standing up. I dont know how the fuck that makes ANY sense but my manager probably just wanted somethi g to be mad about. I caught my manager staring at my co-worker for around 5 minutes at least until I said something (manager is a guy, co-worker is a girl) to my manager then went over and told my co-worker, because thats some weird shit. The environment of Target has this weird feeling of just scum. And dont even get me started on the RedCards, I never even worked as a cashier (because I knew better) but I already know that the RedCards are absolute junk. Target just overall sucks, bad managers, unrealistic expectations, no recognition for ¬†anything you do, not really any chances of moving up in the company (thank god). Realistically, I will be amazingly happy to be done with that shit-hole of a store, I wont ever shop at Target again, especially after seeing how we handle product, Fuck Target.


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