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November 27, 2010 - SilasMarner

Bait and Switch

Has this happened to anyone else? I went to the website and found an item for $109.99. It was $60 less there. I didn’t want to pay the $35 shipping charges so I sent my daughter to get the item at a store near her. She went there and they refused to sell her the item for the advertised price. They said and the brick stores are two different things. I finally got someone named Christina at Corporate to admit that this was not true. Classic bait and switch tactic. They almost got me back in the fold but never again. It’s like the guy with the bomb squad shirt. If you see me running away then you should be running too! Run away from this store! Run away from this store!!




  • expectlesspaymore says:

    It's r******d, but unfortunately Target does have the bases covered on that policy. The person at corporate was also an idiot.


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