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October 30, 2015 - backroomisshit

Back room is bullshit

I couldn’t wait to quit target to post about it so watch out because it’s a long rant. I started working at the hell hole that is target at around beginning of July and my God was applying here is a giant mistake. I got called and interviewed and started as a cashier as most of us do and as target does best they hounded me and harassed me to get red cards, breathing over my neck, coaching me, role playing, amongst other bullshit and no your little incentive of Starbucks or little bag of goodies doesn’t make me more compelled to get red cards so fuck off. Then they started complaining my transaction rate wasn’t matching my red card rate despite getting great reviews from almost every customer. Eventually after a month or so I just stopped asking guests due to pure frustration over those shitty red cards and telling guest not to apply for those credit cards unless you want to completely destroy your credit. Once they realized I stopped asking I got moved to cart attendant. Never once did I get a “thank you” or “good job” for running around the store constantly, getting carts in 100 degree weather, doing carry outs, or cleaning up spills that the lazy ass ETLS, LODS, or HL could do like cleaning up a spill of water. Anyway, after 3 weeks at CA I got moved to back room which at first was an improvement from CA because I didn’t think I’d have to run around as much. WRONG they make me pull 2 and a half hour batches by myself or making me pull every batch of the day and saying “oh you got it” or “we trust you” and making me bust my ass trying to do the impossible like I’m so sort of ┬ásuper human but when I miss it due to that being pure ludacris they bitch at me saying “why didn’t you do better” and “you need to go quicker” and threatening my job. I’m sorry lazy asses but it’s impossible for me to go faster unless I’m moving at the fucking speed of light. They expect me when I close to finish well over 10 tubs and 5 smart carts of random ass back stock dumb fucks at HL brings because their job is apparently to see how much they can fuck over backroom on a daily basis. They think it’s possible to grab a 27 item fulfillment while doing a batch and back stocking, but heaven forbid one of the fucking higher ups get off their ass and come down from their break room and help me or asking HL to do so shit because the higher ups are “busy making sure the store is running at top efficiency”. Part of running the store efficiently is making sure your employees souls aren’t being drained due to the massive amount of work and bullshit you put us brought daily. I’ve had 6 backroom people quit in the last month due to the impossible workload these fuckers think we can manage. I go home everyday sore and mentally drained due to the high amount of bulkshit I put up with daily Thank god my fellow backroom employee/friend came up to me and asked if I wanted to work at a clothing store because he too hates this shit fest. This is goodbye target and a big ol’ fuck you to the shitty bullseye


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  • thebeast123 says:

    Not to sound ignorant, but I always wondered what the back room crew did.

    I only saw two guys whenever I worked in Hl at night


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