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November 3, 2012 - ERROR_AM_I

Awesome quitting stories

So granted we all hate Target (why else would we even be here) but anyone have any good quitting stories that they did or they witnessed, or hell lets throw in feasible what ifs.

I suppose I should go first so I was playing around one day with the Idea of getting Tattooed on my ass the following “Target can suck my (arrow points to my chocolate starfish)” and pretty much would go around my executives “office” (more like a closet) saying “Fuck you I quit, I hate this place so much I permanently marked my body with a message to you all” and then proceed to drop trow and moon the dumb bitch. I never did it of course but man that would have been funny.

Another Idea that came to me was gathering up all the PDA’s and crushing them in the baler and just walking out.

That’s all I feel like typing for now come one someone else indulge us with some humorous stories.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    That's what temporary tattoos are for!!!

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    How about quitting on the 4th of July? A personal declaration of independence.

  • bestdayever says:

    Last holiday season we had an amazing Team Lead. He was originally an overnight Flow Senior Team Lead but then they got rid of overnights, and demoted him to a regular Hardlines Team Lead. He was already pretty bummed about getting demoted, but they decided to cut his pay to the bare minimum starting wage for a team lead. He was originally making $19/hr and they cut him to $11.50. He mainly stayed because he loved his team and he knew they were up for a rough time ahead. It only got worse from there and most of his team had already quit so he got the brilliant idea to stick it to Target. Two days before Thanksgiving(3 days before Black Friday) he was scheduled to fill in for flow from 4am-noon then TLOD from noon-close. He took the LPDA and untied the locations of every single aisle in the entire store. Then he went and changed the locations of the majority of the high demand items in the backroom. He finished up his flow shift, said he was going to lunch and never came back. They had to call in ETLs, TLs and TMs from other stores to fix everything in time for Black Friday. It was amazing. The best part is that he was the only Team Lead there that morning and the entire team knew what he was doing and all gave him hi-5's as he went from aisle to aisle.

  • Hate_Me says:

    When I quit, I fucked up an adjacency on purpose in Infants and got the store a Red visit (from what I heard after my last day). The Apparel team lead who'd given me the adjacency to do (since he was too fucking fat and lazy to do it himself) got in a shitload of trouble since it was a huge visit. Then I meandered over to Jewelry/Accessories and dumped a ton of winter hats on the floor, and fucked up the POG labels on the spinners and Accessories pegs. After that, I took an hour long break. When I came back, I took five walkies and hid them around the store. Then I took all of the expensive golf balls and stuffed them in big ass luggage bags.

    After that, I played on the PS3 tester console for a good half hour, watched the Top 10 plays in the NFL, shot the shit in Electronics...wasted a good chunk of time.

    When it was time for the zone, I shoved all of the baby formula into the wrong spots, pushed them all back, and dumped pacifiers down onto the shelves below them, all mixed up. Then I went into my boss' office and looked through all of his files which he never kept locked and learned a bunch of interesting facts about my teammates. I took my file out and threw away any papers that said anything bad about me.

    Then I went to my store team lead's office and took all of her candy, stole a few nice pens, and looked through her cell phone a little. Nothing interesting. 🙁

    Then I left a half hour early and didn't clock out, didn't tell anyone I was leaving, left the zone in terrible shape, and I kept my walkie.

    Nothing too extravagant, but I'll be damned if it didn't make me feel like a rock star.

  • Hate_Me says:

    I tried to make it my average day, but I worked nights, so if I screwed shit up, I was essentially only fucking myself over. It was more of a Saturday daytime shift/last day pastime haha


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