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  • July 24, 2014 - showoff702

    ALL brands of management!

    Are you F’n kidding me?? You hire people who clearly can’t work and stress out over the little S!it and expect one person to do the job 3 people in 20 mins!!?? How does that make any sense? Every time we got a new TL all I heard was “I started right were you are and now I’m a ETL” bull cr@p there is no room for advancement in that company!!

  • I worked at target for 2 years and nothing they did was in the best interest for there team members. A 2,700 piece truck was to be thrown by only two people in under an hour and no cold water at the end cause it wasn’t in there “budget”. But yet they are able to decorate the break room with useless crap every month I mean really!!! When we did our remodel they hired a new team to replace the guys that went to over nights so when we got back to days after the remodel was finished the team they hired was horrible!