Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 24, 2014 - showoff702

ALL brands of management!

Are you F’n kidding me?? You hire people who clearly can’t work and stress out over the little S!it and expect one person to do the job 3 people in 20 mins!!?? How does that make any sense? Every time we got a new TL all I heard was “I started right were you are and now I’m a ETL” bull cr@p there is no room for advancement in that company!! I posted another column about truck throwers but I’ll say a lil more here. 2,700 piece truck can not be thrown in under an hour by basically one person!! I was pretty damn fast at throwing I could do 1,500 by myself in an hour but they wanted more an more. Not to mention I couldn’t get a bottle of water when I was done due to budget cuts!!! And when I brought my own I got yelled at for having a water in the back room WTF. They hire some ghetto people who have no respect for anyone and talk trash to TL and there to acres to do anything about it!! People always say target is better than wal-mart but not really. Target has better organization and a better system but the employes don’t give a sh!t and look ghetto. I tried making my store better and went way out of my way to help guest and when I did I got told my 1st priority was getting my job done and not going out of my way to help guest! Really? Not to mention my target was racist against Mexicans working for them. All they hired was white girls and black guys. And I don’t mean ghetto I’m gonna steal your car black guys.

Break was terrible as well. People take your food drink your drinks. And when you go to HR all they say is what you want me to do about it? And you put things in there at your own risk! F$?& target 680 in henderson Nv




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