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  • May 22, 2015 - Ludwig

    Stand up for yourself

    My last two weeks at Target were terrible.  I was told I was the best cart attendant they ever had.  I have a panic disorder and a few other disabilities.  Anyway after a meeting with an LOD who I never did anything wrong to, but still had been trying to destroy my life and had been warned for it crossed the line.

  • Okay so I was working for maybe three weeks at Target in CT.  Anyway I try to be friendly to this girl and in this awkward situation where I’m coming out of the bathroom near the pharmacy and she’s going in I mumble have fun.  Anyway someone reports it (the girl didn’t care at all) and the evil ginger ETL tells me that for the next 7 years because I said that I had to tell every potential employer I had a history of sexual harassment.

    Than a girl pretends I’m not there and finally I am forced to do reshop with her,  I ask her what her deal is.  She says I’m not interested.  Can we be friends.  I’m not interested in friendship.  I was like why?  She goes personal reasons.  Can you tell me?  No, stop you’re scaring me leave me alone or report it.  Than seven of my coworkers report it and try and be all friendly to my face.