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June 9, 2014 - Ludwig

Evil Ginger ETL and the Hot but Heinous ETLHR

Okay so I was working for maybe three weeks at Target in CT.  Anyway I try to be friendly to this girl and in this awkward situation where I’m coming out of the bathroom near the pharmacy and she’s going in I mumble have fun.  Anyway someone reports it (the girl didn’t care at all) and the evil ginger ETL tells me that for the next 7 years because I said that I had to tell every potential employer I had a history of sexual harassment.

Than a girl pretends I’m not there and finally I am forced to do reshop with her,  I ask her what her deal is.  She says I’m not interested.  Can we be friends.  I’m not interested in friendship.  I was like why?  She goes personal reasons.  Can you tell me?  No, stop you’re scaring me leave me alone or report it.  Than seven of my coworkers report it and try and be all friendly to my face.

HR girl asked me what happened I tell her word for word.  Than I ask her if the seven years thing is true.  The ETL ginger ends up in front of HR because of it.  Instead of apologizing she just flips out and says I could lose my job. (she had originally told me she was going to keep a file on me which is illegal in ct, and that if I went to hr or a lawyer about it I would lose my job.  The ETLHR who had grown rather fond of of had landed a new job in another state.  I told the HR that I thougth the ETLHR was in on it.  I told the ETLHR I wanted to be friends.  She said we are friends but you can’t contact me, I’m not going to contact you.  Some friendshiip.  I told her I cared about her and she said she cared about me.  Anyway I asked if I could hug her she said no.  Than about 5 minutes later she was like why did you tell hr that I could lose my job? (how about saying you’re sorry.  Her and the ETL had harassed me with threats of termination multiple times.  The ETL also had tricked me into thinking I got the ETLHR fired.  Anyway, I tell her if your innocent and didn’t know you have nothing to worry about.  She looks disappointed and sad “… about that… I kind of did know.” Why would you do that? “Because you were being an asshole.”  Anyway HR and the STL told me to leave and go do my job.  I get called back and on my way the ETL goes you got the ETLHR fired, I hope you’re happy.”  I go there argue with the STL and HR and he says HR had nothing do with it.  I fired her.  I still tried to get her back.  “It dosen’t matter if she didn’t know, I’m sick of her shit.  She’s done stuff like this before.  Now she’s never going to want to be friends again.  “You’re a better person than she is you don’t need her.”  She didn’t even have the guts to come up and apologize to me on her way out.  Pretty insulting on top of the fact that she actually didn’t get fired because of me or get fired at all.

Than when I was being bullied to the point I became mentally unstable in the Spring I e-mailed her and asked for help three times and pointed out the fact she was partially responsible for letting the bullying get out of control and being complacent.  She blocked me.  Coward.  She said she cared I don’t see why she couldn’t lift a finger to help me.


Earlier last fall I was singing Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage in the Cart Attendant closet.  Anyway the ETLHR walks up to me from 50 feet down the hall way in TSC and says “were you singing to me because I’ll report it if you were.” I told her that her an the ETL needed to stop threatening me “Why?  Because it’s harassment, it’s illegal.” “So?” “I’m seriously about to lose my shit on you.” “I wouldn’t do that if I were you you will lose your job if you do?” I just walked down to the STL.  “Hey man I need to talk to you about something.” “No, you don’t I heard everything I’ll address it.”  Than the ETL and ETLHR got read the riot act.  Instead of “I’m sorry for how we treated you.” It’s “I could lose my job!” and “I got in trouble cause of you.” How selfish and narciscistic is that?  Hypocrites.  They threatened me all the time with being reported but when their fats in the fire (of course the ETL was anorexic or bulimiac so she worked out seven hours a day and ran marathons and shit so she didn’t have much fat to lose in the fire) it wasn’t cool.  I’m just so angry about this.  It got so bad there.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    "I told her I cared about her and she said she cared about me. Anyway I asked if I could hug her she said no."

    Not to be rude, but I think most people would be uncomfortable with such intimate behavior, especially if you did not know them very well.

    However, it sounds like the "leadership" at your store was about the same as other stores: ignorant and hypocritical to the core.

    Oh and +1 for listening to Killswitch Engage.

  • needanewfreakingjob says:

    No offense, but you sound creepy. Be honest with yourself...your comments to others are rude, and you know you are being rude.

  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    You should've showed her how you felt about her through interpretive dance because singing to female coworkers is just creepy.


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