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  • October 12, 2014 - BlazePresley

    Another get everything in writing moment…

    Tarshit SSTL (shit store team lead) Attention college students. We want you to finish school… really we do. PLEASE don’t take a job from another company. Come to Target! We will work with your schedule… until you actually put the request in.

    So, I was told “we encourage students to work here, but we ask for open availability”

    I explain, “I will be open availability for the next 3 months, and then my semester will start. Here is my availability afterwards.”

  • –Hiring process–

    Me: “I was offered a job at Walmart for $10.15 but am interested in working at Target instead.”

    (3rd) Interviewing Manager: “As long as you have good performance record, after your 90 day evaluation we can revisit your pay.”

    Me: “Ok, I will work for $9 an hour and perform well.”

    –90 Day Evaluation–

    Me: “How is my performance rating?” (cause nobody wanted to go over it with me)

    ETL: “Good news, we are keeping you on, there are no negatives on your record.”

    Me: “Ok, are we able to match the Walmart pay offer now?”