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October 12, 2014 - BlazePresley

Get everything “agreed” upon in writing, cause they will bullshit you everyday!

–Hiring process–

Me: “I was offered a job at Walmart for $10.15 but am interested in working at Target instead.”

(3rd) Interviewing Manager: “As long as you have good performance record, after your 90 day evaluation we can revisit your pay.”

Me: “Ok, I will work for $9 an hour and perform well.”

–90 Day Evaluation–

Me: “How is my performance rating?” (cause nobody wanted to go over it with me)

ETL: “Good news, we are keeping you on, there are no negatives on your record.”

Me: “Ok, are we able to match the Walmart pay offer now?”

ETL: “I’m sorry but we are only doing yearly pay increases now.

Me: “That wasn’t the rule 90 days ago?”

ETL: “It was told to you by mistake. Sorry, you should have been told you will receive your first raise in a year.”

ME: (frustrated but held it in) “Ok, I will tough it out.”


ETL: “Congrats you are getting your raise and have many exceeds in areas as well as absolutely no negatives. You will be getting the highest raise of any hardlines team member so far, and please don’t tell anyone how high you rank…. 24 cents.”

Me: “Ummmm, glad to get a good review again. However, I thought my pay was going to be matched at the $10.15 rate if I proved myself as agreed upon interview.”

ETL: “Well that manager has since left, and we don’t generally do merit raises. New company policy.”

Me: (said this for real) “Ok, I’ll keep eating PB and J’s. Either food or gas money after rent and bills.”

ETL: “heee heee heee”




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