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October 12, 2014 - BlazePresley

Another get everything in writing moment…

Tarshit SSTL (shit store team lead) Attention college students. We want you to finish school… really we do. PLEASE don’t take a job from another company. Come to Target! We will work with your schedule… until you actually put the request in.

So, I was told “we encourage students to work here, but we ask for open availability”

I explain, “I will be open availability for the next 3 months, and then my semester will start. Here is my availability afterwards.”

STL: “Ok that’s fine, just put in a request closer to when your school schedule starts.”

Me: “Ok, thanks.”

–So I work open availability for 3 months.–

I put the request in computer and………….. denied.

I figure it is a mistake. I put the request in again……….. denied– too restrictive.

I talk to store manager, he was the one to deny it.

STL: “Availability requests are based on store needs. I can’t approve it at this time.”

Me: “I showed it to you before and there was no problem then. I am a senior level student, I can’t mess up my last year.”

STL: “The tough thing in this business is that needs can change from a day to day basis. We need everyone on open availability.”


I would have considered another job paying a bit more, but figured “at least they work with my schedule.” FUCK YOU STL 😮


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