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August 28, 2013 - Chris. 349

A day that was a play from Hell’s Playbook

Most days I can honestly say that I get up in the morning and say to myself, “Today can’t be that bad at work.” Almost everytime I’m proven wrong. I just got in and clocked in and was ready to see what the day had in store for me. Right when I got onto the sales floor, a women ambushed me and demanded to know where the 1 inch binders were. Two things flew through my mind in a second. First, “how the hell should I know?” Second, How convienient, a woman demands something in the first five minutes. not only that, but she probably hasen’t looked for it on her own. I excused myself, and even apologized for not knowing. I should have seen the omen then but things were just going to get worse.

I than made it up to the front lanes. I was about to do the bathroom check up, when my favorite LOD demanded I do a carry out of plastic bins. I did it, thinking to myself, “this snobbish bitch is probably not going to even lift these bins when she gets home, how lazy!” A half an hour passed than things really went down the rabbit hole. In the next few hours I had three “spills.” One of them was urine, the other two were created by team members. Not only that but I had to do at least three carry outs too. On the urine spill I had to take a mop filled with soap. The mop was hard to lift and I managed to get some solution in my shoes.

My favorite LOD who is actually like a High School Bully in adult form, is charming when it comes to girls. When I come in the store he starts having a mid life crisis, and he’s only in his twenties. Any ideas why this is? Other things that hindered me getting through the day was getting yelled at by “guests.” One woman demanded I give her a cart, after agreeing she pulled up to cart holder with a cart in it. Another woman demanded I let her put trash into a bag I’d just tied shut, I told her to wiat or use another.  I can honestly say, today was on of the worst I’ve had in a while.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Old people are pricks. They don't want to move anywhere to do anything. That's just how they are. But overall, stupid idiots who don't understand, I just put that cart away, now take it out cause you're too weak to pull out a different one, open that bag, oh you missed that spill, are all fucking dip shit assholes. They need to be thanking you for the work you do. The modern people have no thanks or pride in that we do the work of making things better. We're not making it worse, we make it better, yet they lack any movement once so ever to do there part to help you help themselves. What assholes.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    The LOD going through a mid-life crisis is probably realizing that his position of "power" is useless and he is in a dead-end job. He probably hates his life.

  • Chris. 349 says:

    Another thing that drove me nuts, is that I'm not even there a half hour. I'm asked to take back some defectives. When I get to the area where defectives are taken to, I ask the receiving receptionist or whatever they're called, where to put it. This lady who is always in a bad mood tells me where to put, but insists on lifting the defectives herself. When I leave she insults me about leaving bins from Guest Service back there. I didn't even bother defending myself, I was too much in shock that even she was in on what started to feel like a conspiracy, to make my day so miserable that I'd go home and kill myself.

    I certainly hope this LOD hates his life. Although I get the distinct impression he gets up in the morning looking for ways to screw people. It seems that at least half the time, he's spent his time before I get there making sure there's a ton of spills or arranging carryouts for me to do. He then gets upset later in the day because I'm not getting enough done. Well who's fault is that? It's his and these no mind "guests" who stampede into the store as if it's the only watering hole in the Sahara Desert.


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