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January 25, 2014 - ModernDaySlave

99 STL Problems

Who else has STL problems? I’ve been working at Target for a while now and Ive worked my way from a cashier to a Senior TL. I know Target inside and out, and plenty of things I shouldn’t know. Recently we got a new store manager. The Worst thing that has happened to this store. She has no idea how to run and store, shes a complete bitch, and has cause team morale to drop drastically. We were never a well running store whatsoever, we were somewhat of a dysfunctional family. We did what needed to be done it just took more effort than it should have. Now my store is a war zone and every man for himself. All because of our store manager. She unfairly targets quite a few team members and no one knows why. It’s the hard working ones who get shit done, but they don’t flow too well with the politics. It’s not like it’s the lazy TMs. Our ETLs are so terrified of this woman and losing their jobs they’ll do whatever she wants even when they know it’s wrong. I thought I was on decent terms with my ETL until he intentionally set me up because she doesn’t like me. But the one thing I’ve learned from working at Target is document everything and cover your own ass first. It all fell back on him. Needless to say the tension in my store is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I should call the hotline on all of them.


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  • Silverfox says:

    call the hotline but probably nothing will be done

  • disgusted says:

    Yes, sadly calling the hotline accomplishes very little, the ETL-HR of the store involved simply gets an email the following business day after the hotline takes a report, saying here is a problem that was reported, deal with it. I am sure you can see how easy it is for very little to get done in regards to a hotline complaint.

  • disgusted says:

    From the original post "But the one thing I’ve learned from working at Target is document everything and cover your own ass first."

    This is so so true. Nothing could be more accurate.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Fuck that shit. Call the hotline and make shit up! I did one time when my Human Resources manager lied about me just so he had a reason to write me up. He was pissed at me about some stupid, petty shit that really isn't relevant here. Anyway, he abused his power and had be written up by claiming that he had caught me texting in the Shoes department. This was bullshit, since I never even had my phone on me. So I thought, "Hmm...fuck this guy", and called the hotline. I told them all sorts of believable-yet-bullshit things about this guy, and I remained anonymous. Wouldn't ya know, our District Team Lead showed up. It was amazing because the HR guy was taken to my Store Team Lead's office, where there was a window that overlooked Ready To Wear. My colleagues and I watched with huge smiles as the DTL ripped this guy a new ass hole.

    Soon after, the Store Team Lead was so upset with the negative attention that this HR guy had caused that he set him up and fired him by removing important paperwork from his mailbox which he was supposed to send out. Hahaha Revenge, motherfucker!!


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