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May 19, 2014 - fuktarget

4 years a slave

4 years, 4 precious years i will never ever ever get back. Just thinking about it makes me want to kill myself. Been a electronics team member this entire time while i’ve been going to school. I’m finally done with school, and nearly done with target. I just want to reflect and share some thoughts on target. Target was my 4th job and first in retail, so i didn’t know what i was getting myself in to, but i still should’ve known better. I’ve never in my life felt so pathetic than i do sitting here thinking about how i managed to let myself work for this awful-ass company for 4 years. Went from $7.75(initial hired hardlines) to a whopping $9.37 in 4 years. Not only would i have made more money selling my body on the street, but it probably would not have been nearly as soul-crushing. I’ve made a lot of friends over the years that i’ve seen move on to other companies and its the same story every time. Target is a soul sucking vampire and the other retailers are just blood sucking ones. I’ve personally never felt more exploited than i do on a daily basis at target. I do TL duties every single day and do it better than most if not all the other TLs in our store. I still get shit on when it comes to review and my god the scheduling.. The scheduling…

So target recently went to what it styles as MyTime scheduling. Basically the dumbest shit anyone, anywhere, has ever come up with. I’ve heard from a few TLs about how management has to show “solidarity” and support for this new scheduling method. Which i mean why wouldn’t they? They aren’t the ones getting shafted by it because their workload doesn’t increase, but poor lowly little peasant team members has increased at least 3x in 4 years. Scheduling people 1:30 to close, thats a a guaranteed 9 hour shift which is bad enough, but to close after 9 hours of hell? Hard not to take that box cutter and just go to town right there at the boat. Closing friday and saturdays for months consecutively… Does your ETL give a shit? No, does mentioning it get anything done about it? No. Does requesting one off work? No, because so many other people have quit that they can’t possibly grant you a weekend off.


As i said before, i’ve never felt so exploited. I don’t feel like a human-being anymore when i put on my red and khaki. I honest to god feel like some medieval serf. Its so bad at this point i have to sit in my car and give myself a pep-talk before i can walk through those doors. I know its not healthy to continue to work at such a shitty place, but a month, maybe a few weeks more, and i’m gone. If not then i’ll be looking for a really really tall bridge.


See you bros tonight as i’m doing ad takedown for the entire store while also zoning the entire store and “vibing” with every single guest.





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  • TargetGrunt says:

    "Target is a soul sucking vampire and the other retailers are just blood sucking ones. I’ve personally never felt more exploited than i do on a daily basis at target."

    Target is definitely bad, but all retailers operate similarly. Target is the fifth retail company I've worked for and they all operate very similarly: exploit those on bottom, hire unqualified individuals for management and schedule with a "customer/guest focus." One job I worked at (I won't say for personal reasons, though I will mention it was a off-price retailer) once had 72 people on schedule, all of whom were schedule 4-20 hours a week, management not included. Turn-over was 92% and it was considered "Green" or acceptable.

    Target on the other hand figures that having half the amount of people to do twice the amount of work with half the amount of hours makes sense.

    Good on your for pursuing your education and for getting out of there. I can't imagine how you lasted four years, but maybe burning your red/khaki will help alleviate some of the trauma.

  • conorO25 says:

    I felt the same way...I have NEVER hated a company like I hate target. I have worked for Mervyns, Sears, and Walmart which were blood sucking as well but none were as bad as this shithole company. I am so glad I left


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