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September 8, 2015 - Mikasi

Write ups and schedule changes

I have to say I love that after recieving a write up for absences that we have found a pattern in the write ups. First of all my absences are documented. If I wasn’t sick it was family in the hospital. As I was really angry after getting this bs write up for the 5 days I have called off in 3 months I started talking to another team member who also had a write up. As we were talking I disovered she got wrote up for a no call no show. This however, was not the case. Someone had actually picked up her shift and then scratched their name off the swap sheet later on. So she not knowing this thought her shift was covered. We have all been told you sign your name it is yours so how is that fair? Then after digging we discovered that all the people coming into their year (us included) have been written up. Then to add to this they are changing our clock out time to 11:45. We actually had a team lead admit to us it was so they do not look bad to corporate because they keep us over a half hour every night. Here’s hoping I can leave this place quickly.


Employee Experience


  • survived spot says:

    Well the rule was in my former store that if someone signed up to take your shift and it was recorded on the schedule, then that person was responsible for showing up and the original employee was "off the hook". Of course the management (some of them) are horrific so who knows. My advice to any employee is to get out asap.

  • TargetMinion says:

    They are manually editing your shifts to show you didn't stay late?!? That means you aren't being paid for time worked, which is a violation of Target's "no working off the clock" policy. You need to report that to the Employee Helpline and tell your ETL-HR you need your correct exit times entered back into your time card so you are paid for time worked. That's insane!

  • Mikasi says:

    What they did was extend our shift. We are getting paid but because corperate got on them about none of us clocking out on time and always staying over they made it so we had to stay until 11:45 so that they look good.


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