Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 28, 2014 - Jude_django

Thoughts on Target

It has been nearly a year now since I began working in Target, and my experience went from being decent to disappointment. This comes in the fact that a number of things happened within the company itself, along the number of ETL’s, LOD’s, and new TL that are causing issues.

When I started working, they had a strong team. We worked and meshed well together, and we are able to get things done. Some of the TM taught me what I need to know to some TL teaching more tricks that will help me out. I was praised, surprisingly, by LOD’s (Yeah two of them I consider them understanding business) and in returned worked hard for them. That was for at least four months.

Suddenly two of those LOD’s were ‘relocated’ (They quit Target) and lost two TL’s in the Hardlines department. When they brought in the new LOD, I learned she was exiled from the store I worked for being incompetent. This surprised me a lot, with what they do, and they bring in another LOD that is like her, only claims that he does care. I doubt it, when he kept treating me like a rookie and expects so much out of us. If that is not bad enough the Store Manager, since meeting her, is the worst. She does nothing at all. She just comes up to the area, tells the worker how they are, then tell us to do things faster. I wouldn’t mind when that was four years ago, now I just do it in my own pace and do my best. I feel disappointment over how morale dropped badly.


Morale is important in a workplace. If morale is low, then workers tend to give up. A number of workers worked hard, they had stuff for us that kept us happy (Food, television, cappuccino machine, etc.), but now they removed it nearly from it. They claimed it is the sales goal…I would roll my eyes that they can waste some of the food products in their ‘be bold’ campaign by sampling stuff, and yet not allow the workers to be given some snacks or drinks. Morale is so low right now, that some are starting to careless what the LOD’s are saying, even some of the new people. The ‘be bold’ is actually killing the business that helping, considering that wasting items and giving items out to the ‘guest’, hurts sales when the quarterly kicks in. Yes it hurts them, using expired ┬ácoupons to sampling items, brings loss of sale and would cut hours for workers and yet LOD’s and the upper management would care less about it.

I am a guy who understands how business works, even in retail. I know how it runs, because I began working for my dad when I was ten. His business did went out when Bush was president and it killed him, but I learned from it. I worked other jobs and learned from other managers and supervisors how business runs. Yet the LOD’s are actually college/university graduates that have little to no experience in retail or any job that manner. It’s sad to say that I am planning to leave Target and the reason I am not going all tirade and in rage is that I am just too tired to do so, and it will make me look like a maniacal, bitter person. I prefer the calm and rational writing.

In other words, I am going to find a new job!


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  • Frank51135 says:

    Same basic experience here. I'm thinking of leaving as well. I work over night stock. At first it was great before we adoptted some insane policy changes. It seems like the whole company is coming down.

  • disgusted says:

    It cant come crashing down fast enough sadly though, that would show those yahoos on top a thing or two

  • TargetMinion says:

    Yup, morale is at an all-time low at Target's across the country. I've been actively looking for a new job and if I don't find one by the holidays I will still be putting my Voluntary Reaignation in (two-weeks before Thanksgiving so I can really shaft them)
    I'm blessed to have a husband with a good job that supports me mentally and financially so I don't have to continue having my soul sucked dry by Target.


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